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Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 24, 2013; By Charles Rector
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IGGAMECENTER NEWSLETTERApril 11th 2013IGGAMECENTER GAMES IN WINDOWS 8 APP STOREWe wanted to let everyone know how things are progressing with the Windows 8 application creation project in a newsletter and here it is. By the end of this week, we’ll have 35 of your favorite igGC games as Windows 8 apps, and more to come as we progress towards having 100 by June 1st (also the same games on Windows 8 Phone!). 

What does this mean for the igGameCenter community? Plenty. More than half of those games were created by igGC community members. This Microsoft exposure will give some exposure to some of those awesome designs. It also gives you, the players, another means to play these games, even though its through a different account registration/login process (sorry, that could not be helped. .. ). On the other hand, all the Windows 8 games on both device types are playable from that same new registration, and you’ll get to play against new players from around the world. We’ll see about how we can link up the igGC community accounts and the new ones in a bit. .. this opportunity with Microsoft was too good to pass up and we didn’t have the proper time to do things right on the account side of things. 

Here is the list and links to the games that are currently live on Windows 8 right now so you can install and check them out, and perhaps play a couple games against new people that are currently downloading the games:

STAYING IN TOUCHFor more information and news, feel free to visit the official igGameCenter site at igGameCenter website, so visit it often to stay up to date. 

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