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Global Combat Log with lostboy

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 12, 2013; By Charles Rector
Type: Thoughts
Archive so They Don't Expire as at GC

lostboy: oh well yes we was mate in the past in this tournament
Me: Don't remember if we agreed to an alliance for Fogged #7, but if we did not, I'll withdraw from Africa if you agree to one. Likewise if we did have an alliance here. In any event, I'm attacking GB & India and have most of Europe under control.
Me: Why don't we make a permanent alliance for all tournaments? In any event, In Fogged #10, going for Columbia along with Iran, Kazakh and Madagascar. Looks like Blue is going to get NA.
lostboy: i also cant remember if we are have alliance in fogged 7 :) i am fine with a global agreement for all tournaments. 
lostboy: fogged 7: i tried to block also australia but i failed. he was to strong. i try to get africa next. watch out for north america. red is strong there. i am trying to block
Me: Great. Thanks.
lostboy: fogged 10: i made a big block for green in austrlia. geen and me are weak now. u have just have a look for blue now.
lostboy: fogged 10: let me leave africa. i attack you from africa into middle east. pls dont strong up middle east.
Me: Fogged #10
Me: Actually, I was going to suggest that I leave Africa after first taking out Madagascar and South Africa.
lostboy: well when i leave africa to asia u can try to get africa and i can fight in asia and australia better
Me: ok
Me: Fogged #7: Want me to evacuate Africa? I'm going for a conquest of Eur. and could use my African forces to great effect there.
Me: Scrolling up found that I already agreed to do that earlier, so changing my directions now to pull out of Madagascar.
Me: Fogged 10: Evacuating Iran and Kazakh in your favor.
lostboy: fogged 7, yes pls leave africa
Me: F7: Select an area to attack or transfer to. (Currently Transfering 12 to Egypt) [ Cancel ]
Me: Everyone in F7 is currently online!
lostboy: i have to go now. good nite :)
Me: cya

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