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Trade Wars Rising Farming Colonies

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 12, 2013; By Charles Rector
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TRADEWARS® RISING SPECIAL EVENTMay 12th 2013TRADEWARS RISING GAME EVENT – FARMING COLONIES – GAME STARTThis event is all about produce. How much can you produce on your colonies and how fast. Or of course, how can you steal other people’s stuff, thus transferring points to your own “farms”. 

There is plenty of room for conflict, or if you prefer, hiding in a dark corner of the universe, hoping other Captains don’t mind you. 

HOWEVER, the universe is not that big, and the Federation revoked the registration of Corporations for this game (so only Alliances are allowed). So though it’s not every man for himself, you gotta be careful who you are dealing with. .. because they may ally with you to gain easy access to your Alderian tomatoes! 

Right now, you can already Join, scheme and discuss strategy with other players in preparation for a big start. 

There is Premium time to be won. 

Check out the details HERE 

The FARMING COLONIES game will start: Friday May 17th, at 8pm EST 

JOIN THE GAME NOW! The Farming Colonies Event is the latest game with the little calendar icon next to it. 

Good luck and have fun!STAYING IN TOUCHOften we leave hints and other more up to date news directly on the Tradewars® Rising website, so visit it often to stay up to date. 

Invite your Facebook friends. to play Tradewars® Rising. 

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Play, have fun, and be creative, always! 

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