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[Global Combat Announcement] Major Game Overhaul

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 12, 2013; By Charles Rector
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[Global Combat Announcement] Major Game Overhaul

We did a major overhaul of the game this summer and wanted to tell all our players about it.

Real Time Game Support
We added improvements for playing the game in real-time.  We have a new working server push system that will automatically update game messages and refresh the page when a turn is run.  This should be of great help for players who like to play quick games that finish in a single session. Also, done flagging will update without refreshing a page. So if another player clicks done you will see it update right away.

Messaging and Chat
We also overhauled the old messaging system and replaced it with new real time chat that feels a lot like Facebook messaging or google talk within gmail.  When a player messages you it will pop up in a window on the bottom right of the screen.  The old messages page has been overhauled and now has a complete chat log of both your inbound and outbound messages.

Whenever a game turn runs while you are logged into the site a notification will popup to let you know.  If you use the Chrome browser you even have the option for it to popup outside of the browser window using their desktop notifications.

Non-Random Attacks Game Option
There’s a new deterministic game option.  Some players really like this option since it reduces randomness in the game.  When set attacking and defending damage will be an exact 60% and 75% hit rate, rounded down.  So an attack with two armies will always win against a defender with just a single army.

Tournament Turn Time Turned Down
All tournaments have now switched to a single day turn timeout.  So no more waiting three days to see your turn because a player stopped playing.

New Tourneys
Speaking of tournaments, we added several new ones to give you even more ways to compete.  A new Deterministic tournament that features the new non-random attacks. A Final Four tourney specifically designed for four man teams.  There’s even a crazy Deathmatch tournament featuring insane 42 player games, where each player starts with just a single area!

Site Design
We freshened up the site design.  Going for a clean modern look while still keeping the Global Combat feel. A Best of 32 tourney for players that like one on one games. And even a small Real Time tournament that can be used to organize tourneys that can be finished in a single day.

We’re very excited about a new game invite system.  You can invite anyone to a game.  They don't even need an account, just type in their e-mail address and you’re set.

Dead Game Elimination
New Rule! If a game doesn't run a turn in 14 days or the game goes to turn 70, then the game will be forced to end. Victory order will be determined by number of areas, then by the number of armies. This will greatly help keep the tournaments going and will discourage excessive “turtling”.

Traffic Up
After a few bumps and bugs during the conversion the game is now running smooth and better than ever.  Our player base and games being played are steadily growing. We've a successful ad campaign running and the more players the more enjoyable the game is.

Come check out all the changes at

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