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[Temple-of-Iarhibol] New England Conference on Mithraic Studies 2014

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 12, 2013; By Charles Rector
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The date for the next New England Conference on Mithraic Studies (and other ancient religions including the worship of Iarhibol) has been set! :) MithraCon 16 will be held at the Courtyard Mariott Hotel in New Haven CT. from Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April 13th, 2014. We are working to make MithraCon a larger conference with more structured presentations and information, while keeping a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This event will include the following: Friday, April 11th - Hotel check in and conference room setup. Informal discussion and shopping, with dinner out at a nearby Indian restaurant, in honor of Mithra's Indo-European roots. :) Saturday, April 12th - 11 AM to 5 PM: A day of research at the Yale University Library. Participants are welcome to research whatever subjects they wish. (There is a fee to the library for a pass to access the stacks.) Saturday, April 12th, 6 PM to whenever: A Roman feast in the conference room, followed by scholarly presentations and discussion. Presentations may be on a variety of subjects, and should be timed for about 15 minutes each. Sunday, April 13th - Breakfast, and check-out from the hotel. Conference members can stay parked at the hotel lot for a walking trip to the Yale University Art Museum to see the Dura Europos Mithraeum and Mithraic artifacts. This exhibit includes icons of and an altar to Iarhibol. The museum opens at 11:30, we are likely to stay till 1:30 or so. The University Library also opens at 1PM on Sunday, so anyone wanting can stop at the library for another few hours of research before returning home! Cars can stay parked at the Courtyard Mariott until the University library closes without fee. To attend the conference you need to do two things: Register for the conference AND register at the hotel. Registration: $50 until April 5th (must be received by that date), and $60 at the door. Con registration and checks should go to Dr. Jane T. Sibley, PO Box 123, Haddam, CT 06438. If you have questions, please email Jane at For more info:

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