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Digital Kids Summit Press release

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 20, 2013; By Charles Rector
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We are pleased to announce outstanding expert speakers for our Digital Kids Summit (Sept. 19th) and Digital Kids Edu Day (Sept. 18th) taking place in San Francisco. Whether you're focused on children's digital entertainment or education, you'll garner insight from veterans from Activision, Disney, Google, Club Penguin, Pixar and more as they share their passions for innovation, understanding of the market and path to financial and public success.

Digital Kids Summit - focusing on entertainment and fun - addresses what you need to know to create captivating digital entertainment products and services that sell well! From innovative product design strategies to monetization and pricing, DKS gives it to you straight!

Digital Kids Edu - focusing on education and fun - covers the profound innovations in the rapidly growing market for children’s digital media education products. DK Edu brings together startups and established players in the education field who are using online and mobile platforms to enrich the lives of children.

Hear from these extraordinary experts:
(with additional speakers still forthcoming)

Michael Cai, Senior Vice President of Research, Interpret (DK Summit)
Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Ventures (DK Summit)
Justin Caldbeck, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners (DK Summit)
Stuart Drexler, Chief Product Officer, Tykoon (DK edu)
Caroline Hu Flexer, Co-Founder, Duck Duck Moose  (DK edu)
Amy Henry, Vice President Youth Insights, C & R Research (DK Summit)
Oren Jacob, CEO, ToyTalk (previously Pixar) (DK Summit)
Yuval Kaminka, CEO and Co-Founder, JoyTunes (DK edu)
Jacob Klein, Co-Founder, Motion Math (DK edu)
Pierre Le Lann, Co-Founder, Tribal Nova (DK edu)
Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and Co-Founder, Fingerprint  (DK edu)
Srinivas Mandyam, Co-Founder and CTO, Tynker (DK edu)
Margery Mayer, President, Scholastic Education (DK edu)
Joby Otero, Former VP Art and Technology at Activision, Creative Direction on Skylanders (DK Summit)
Molly Passanisi, Head of Industry, Online Gaming, Google (DK edu)
Luca Prasso, CEO, Co-Founder, Curious Hat (DK Summit)
Lance Priebe, Chief Creative Development Officer, Hyper Hippo previously Club Penguin) (DK Summit)
Diana Rhoten, Chief Strategy Officer, Amplify (DK edu)
John Vignocchi, Executive Producer, Disney Interactive (DK Summit)


Attendees have multiple registration options: registering for Digital Kids Summit, registering for Digital Kids Edu or registering for both events at a discount.  Registration for a single event is $245 when you register prior to August 16th. The price is $295 thereafter. Registration for both events is $395 before August 16th or $495 thereafter.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

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