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House Forsaken of TDZK

Charles Rector's Weblog; Sep. 5, 2013; By Charles Rector
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House Forsaken of TDZK

Welcome to the Internet Introduction to the House Forsaken alliance of TDZK. House Forsaken has been a major force in online gaming since its inception in 1996 in Since 1996, our motto has been: Strike First*Strike Hard*No Mercy.

House Forsaken's participation in TDZK dates back to the game's very first round in September, 2001. For the most part, that has taken the form of individual members playing the game either as independents or as members of other alliances. However, in TDZK's very first round in September, 2001 HF fielded a strong team that won the game hands down. Frustration with the perpetual problems that the then-beta testing game faced eventually resulted in most of the ForsakeN (as HF members are generally styled) to leave TDZK.

However, some of the ForsakeN remained and helped keep up at least some interest in the game. Finally, it was decided that after the round that began in the late summer of 2002 ended, then House Forsaken would return to TDZK. In the current round, the in-game ForsakeN are organized in 2 alliances: House Forsaken & House Forsaken 2. We have a strong alliance with the Shadow Knights. Both HF & SK are strong outfits and both are moving up in the rankings. If you want to play TDZK with a major force in the game, then the HF/TDZK is an excellent choice.

All of the above was written in an earlier time when HF was still a noble gaming organization. All that has changed. Soon, the entire rotten story of the moral decline and fall of House Forsaken will be presented here.

What Membership inthe HF/TDZK Requires

  • Honesty
  • Maturity
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Being a Team Player
  • Active Participation in the Alliance Forum

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