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Charles Rector's Weblog; Sep. 6, 2013; By Charles Rector
Type: Review

The Sci-Fi Gamer Chick blog at was a short-lived exercise that still left behind a decent collection of sci-fi related links.  The posts are pretty interesting too.

Here is how the Sci-Fi Gamer describes herself:

I've been reading sf, fantasy, horror, and mysteries since I first learned to read. I started volunteering at cons in college. Been a tabletop role-player since high school. After college, I dabbled in LARPs for a couple of years. Even though my husband bought a Wii last year, I don't play many video games, and never got into the MMORPG craze. I play board games like Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, and Nuke War and still play a weekly rpg--Hero system (Champions). I bathe every day, brush my teeth twice a day, and despite being an introvert, I know how to make friends. Send your questions to scifigamerchick at gmail dot com.

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