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Malhavoc Blast from the Past in TDZK

Charles Rector's Weblog; Sep. 15, 2013; By Charles Rector
Type: Thoughts

[09:50] <Malhavoc> I need to speak with you.
[09:50] <drd> i know
[09:51] <Malhavoc> First off...exactly what happened last night? I logged on
this morning and was told there was a uNAP pending my review. Since no one
has been able to produce logs, I'd like to know a little more clearly what the
discussion was.
[09:52] <drd> when the round started HOLY made a move for 23k and took all the
planets, solace came along an dtook one of the planets from us
[09:52] <drd> now a war between us at this stage is a waste of turns and
[09:52] <drd> and to me it looked like a happy coincidence
[09:53] <drd> HOLY and TPF are looking for a second partner for operations an
dkeeping hold of territory
[09:53] <drd> so until i could speak to you and lay out more details i asked
solace to set upa tempary UNAP in the 23k area
[09:55] <drd> i dont know what your current relations are and all solace said
was that you may look into some old friends
[09:56] <Malhavoc> Our current relations are as yet undefined.
[09:56] <drd> the 23k area could be a very profitable one for both of us if
its worked correctly
[09:57] <drd> i dont know where your other planets are currently situated
[09:57] <drd> but if we can work together to keep a tight grip on the 23k area
itll set both of us up in a situation
[09:57] <Malhavoc> I'm not opposed to sharing control of an area. However,
here is my view on the situation.
[09:58] <Malhavoc> Fury intends to control 23k. This is an inherent conflict,
because you also wish to control it.
[09:58] <Malhavoc> Also, I've found through past experience that
multi-alliance control of a single system does not always end up with the best
[09:59] <Malhavoc> What I would propose is that HOLY solidy their grip on the
system right outside: 11k. You already have at least one planet there from
what I've seen.
[09:59] <drd> depends who you share with
[09:59] <Malhavoc> We can then jointly control these two systems. Fury in
23k, HOLY in 11
[10:00] <drd> HOLYs gonna be doing ALOT of raiding this round so 23k would be
the better home for us so we can keep the port lvls down
[10:02] <drd> the last thing you need when trying to maintain control of a
system is vast numbers of high lvl ports
[10:02] <Malhavoc> Fury is also going to be doing a lot of raiding.
[10:03] <Malhavoc> I'm making an offer which would help avert conflict. HOLY
would still be in the same area.
[10:04] <drd> im willing to make trades with planets and what have you at a
later stage
[10:04] <drd> what i need to know is if your commited to a three way alliance
with us and phoenix
[10:05] <Malhavoc> I'm not going to do a 'later stage' thing. If we make an
agreement, the parameters are going to be defined here.
[10:06] <Malhavoc> If HOLY moves and takes over 11k and leaves 23k to FURY, we
would be interested in an alliance.
[10:06] <drd> can you give me 24 hours to dicuss it with the rest of the
[10:08] <Malhavoc> How large is your council?
[10:08] <drd> 6 man but it only needs 2 or 3 people online to make the
[10:08] <drd> and currently im the only one online
[10:10] <Malhavoc> Who are the other council members?
[10:10] <drd> theres Myself, Carlos, Anzanar, Meischter, Kiith, and Hallan
[10:10] <drd> its usually 7 peopkle including SF but hes away till the end of
the week
[10:12] * Malhavoc sees Anzanar online.
[10:12] <drd> sees anzanars nick Anzanar|out
[10:12] <drd> ok hes back now
[10:14] <Malhavoc> I would like a little more information about the HOLY/TPX
structure before we proceed further though.
[10:14] <Malhavoc> If we are to ally, it's best we know a bit about each
other, right?
[10:14] <drd> HMA is the Raider/trader wing of HOLY HGA is the hunter wing
[10:15] <drd> the phoenix wing with the MOP is the raider wing of phoenix
[10:15] <drd> HOLY and Phoenix intead to run things similar to end of last
[10:15] <drd> Phoenix are currently based up in 13k
[10:16] <Malhavoc> When have they ever moved?
[10:16] <drd> when they venture down here they know not to shot at you or go
over your planet
[10:16] <drd> and just a s warning there planets arelikly to be aggied too
[10:16] <drd> apparently they were havinga spot of trouble up there
[10:17] <drd> phoenix people with power beyound the two leaders are None
(cadelin) and PE
[10:17] <drd> what more do you want to know?
[10:18] <Malhavoc> What are your plans for the round? Power through raiding
[10:18] <drd> Primarily yes
[10:18] <drd> SF might have ideas for something larger but like i say hes away
for now
[10:19] <drd> you guys still not fans of SH?
[10:19] <Malhavoc> K. My final question is what HOLY and TPX relations are
with other alliances.
[10:19] <Malhavoc> Since if we ally, we'd expect you to help us, and we would
help you, and I'd like to know who possible enemies are beforehand.
[10:19] <drd> HOLY have cut all relations with other alliances until further
[10:19] <drd> and as far as i know TPF have done the same
[10:20] <Malhavoc> You have no likely enemies then?
[10:21] <drd> weve heard rumours GC may attempt something on us after the
stunt we pulled with there planet at the end of last round
[10:21] <drd> but we have no enemys ourselves
[10:22] * Malhavoc nods.
[10:24] <drd> if we were to give up the planets in 23k to you i need to know 2
[10:24] <drd> 1) would we still have docking rights (provided NAPs are set up)
[10:24] <drd> 2) would you provide help in acuiring the 11k planets
[10:25] <Malhavoc> Yes.
[10:29] * Malhavoc is discussing the situation among his people, as he
imagines you are as well.
[10:29] <drd> with Anzanar, yes
[10:32] <drd> what makes 23k so speacil to you that you couldnt take 11k
instead of us?
[10:33] <Malhavoc> First off, 23k was our home last round. We like it there.
Second, it's location and conditions fit well into our plans.
[10:34] <drd> HOLY do and have always sucke dat providing hunters uperiority
which is what 11k will require to maintain control
[10:34] <drd> *superiority
[10:34] <drd> however our MOP with Phoenix opens up more raiding opertunitys
to use which is what 23k needs
[10:42] <Malhavoc> So what is your current thinking on our offer?
[10:42] <drd> Anzanar isnt happy about us having to hand over the planets when
we have the majority hold
[10:44] <drd> what exactly are your plans?
[10:50] <Malhavoc> For the round or for 23k?
[10:50] <drd> whatever your willing to tell me
[10:53] <Malhavoc> For the round, similar to what they've been in times past.
To adapt and win. We do have a master plan, but that's kept to within the
[10:54] <Malhavoc> We're equally skilled at hunting or raiding. We remain one
of the few alliances who could take L50s last round, and we damaged SH more
than they hurt us.
[10:55] <Malhavoc> As far 23 goes, that largely depends on what you end up
[10:58] <drd> HOLY have a long and strong history in raiding its our strong
point and always has been last round most of us just tired of the consistant
need for lvls and dropped in activity, we were how ever the second alliance to
pop a lvl50 (SH beat us to it by 3 days) and we were popping them twiec weekly
at the end of the round with phoenix, this round were going back to Raiding on
a large scale.
[10:58] <drd> and you bitch slapping SH last round won you a lot of respect
among the older members of HOLY
[10:59] <drd> for the simpla fact we like them as much a s hole in the headf
[11:00] <drd> now 23k really does need raiders to take keep it under control
and i feel HOLYs in a better posistion (with the MOP with phoenix) then FURY
to do that, youd keep the planet in 23k asking for that off you was never on
the agenda
[11:04] <drd> out of HOLY Phoenix and FURY id have to say FURY has the better
hunters and as such it would just make sense for you guys to focus in on that
[11:06] <Malhavoc> K. From your repeated statements, you keep trying to
reverse the proposal. I made an offer. All I want is a yes, or a no.
[11:07] <drd> to be honest i dont see the point in transfering planets
[11:08] <drd> its not serving our interest and it feels like your trying to
chase us out
[11:09] <drd> 11k has no redeemable features
[11:09] <drd> the two other planets in the system are currently held by a noob
alliance that pose no threat
[11:10] <Malhavoc> Ok, if that's your decision.
[11:10] <Malhavoc> Consider the uNap ended though. It's purpose was to bring
us to negotiations; those have now been completed.
[11:10] <drd> fine

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