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Global Conflict Shut Down

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 16, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Global Conflict Shut Down Global Conflict

The Global Conflict site has been permanently shut down. Thanks to the support of many people, especially Kevin Haidl, Greg Burg, David "Disco" Langendoen, this game provided entertainment for over 11 years. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and that time has come for Global Conflict.

I (Paul Hanson) can still be contacted at

Wall of Flame

Congratulations to all the players who fought their way to the Wall of Flame:

Wall of Flame Handle Date Crackers12/23/2012 Robertpatten6/8/2012 Burg10/3/2011 Starfire3/30/2011 Disco9/14/2010 Disco4/15/2010 Starfire11/21/2009 The Shadow6/24/2009 Mocha3/1/2009 Sgt Slong11/14/2008 The Shadow6/30/2008 Disco3/14/2008 Pendragon10/21/2007 Burg6/18/2007 Radrx3/13/2007 Rick10/31/2006 Mocha7/11/2006 Starfire4/19/2006 Radrx12/22/2005 Burg8/22/2005 Wizidge4/26/2005 Burg12/31/2004 Burg9/1/2004 Cdawn4/9/2004 Maverickjps11/21/2003 Biff7/26/2003 Cyrano3/21/2003 Nyquil11/30/2002 Burg6/13/2002 Crusher12/12/2001 Pendragon7/29/2001 Burg2/12/2001

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