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Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 21, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Update 10/1/2013: 
- Due to an OS-level system failure that impacted the disk controller on the Nodeka server, the following character files have been corrupted and restored to the last player file backup date of 9/29/2013: Grim, Haran, Kassadin, Leben, Maestorm, Meier, Meto, Mujaffa, Nibiru, Poppy, Richter Although the rollback to the above player files is only two days, we realize that this rollback could have a dramatic impact on you given that the failure occurred during super unique week. As such, we will take the following measures to ensure a happy player base: 1. Each of the above players should email Nijlo directly ( with a compiled list of loss (items, experience, stats, etc.). Not only will we reimburse you for all of your loss, we will give each player a healthy compensation package for time spent compiling your losses. 2. We will continue running super unique week until at least October 6. 

Update 9/13/2013: 
- Due to multiple requests, we will continue giving double sun stones and infuscated marbles on all donations through the end of super unique week. 
- Super unique week has begun! It will last until at least 9/21! 

Update 8/20/2013: 
- Antei of hakanai shouten is now an advanced antei prevention ability. It has been changed so it no longer overlaps in prevention type with whispering wind antei. 
- Likewise, antei of formation is now a disciplined antei prevention ability. It has been changed so it no longer overlaps in prevention type with antei of the clouded mind. 

Update 8/18/2013: 
- Circle of bane now costs more to use and has benefits for beyond 100% training. It is possible that we have made this spell a bit too powerful with beyond 100% training. If we find this to be the case after seeing it in play for a few weeks/months, it may be toned. 
- Whispering wind antei now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 8/17/2013: 
- Thelgarron's fusing now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 8/16/2013: 
- Regional deception now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 8/13/2013: 
- The convert command options have changed: Option 10 now transforms 50 gems to 1 sun stone. Option 11 (new) transforms 150 gems to 1 infuscated marble. 

Update 8/12/2013: 
- All donations made between August 12 - September 4 will receive double sun stones and double infuscated marbles! 

Update 6/9/2013: 
- New spell for major remort druids: luck of salvage. Much like hunter's insight, we may make minor to major tweaks to this spell over the course of the next few weeks. 

Update 6/7/2013: 
- New spell for major remort hunters: hunter's insight. Note I: This spell has the potential to be quite powerful in the long haul. Therefore, we will be monitoring its behavior over the next couple of months. We may make minor or major tweaks to it as needed. Note II: There will be at least one follow-up ability for one or two of the hunter subclasses that will be similar to hunter's insight. However, it will be more refined and more powerful. 

Update 5/27/2013: 
- Important change: All NPCs now have the chance to drop salvage. 

Update 4/21/2013: 
- Tempalus now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 3/29/2013: 
- Antei of the clouded mind now has benefits for beyond 100% training. This ability also now has a hidden power that isn't unveiled until significant training has been achieved. 

Update 3/26/2013: 
- Keiiken now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 3/24/2013: 
- Super Unique Week has come to an end! Thank you all for participating. We hope you had great success! 

Update 3/1/2013: 
- Super Unique Week (SUW) has begun! It will last until at least March 8, and possibly up to one extra week as a special bonus. 

Update 2/24/2013: 
- All of the red robes spells now have benefits beyond 100% training. 

Update 2/19/2013: 
- PK data no longer contributes to a player's overall rank value. 

Update 2/6/2013: 
- Meijin's blindfold now has reduced time to live and reduced prevention time. 

Update 1/28/2013: 
- New tloh-monk spells: the eleven and the thirteen. 

Update 1/27/2013: 
- New monk of the mystic spell: arcane speed. 

Update 1/26/2013: 
- New stone-guard spell: stone matter. 

Update 1/20/2013: 
- New spell for monks: monk's fortification. This spell gives monks a much needed boost in their +dam and +hit. Monk's fortification improves as the monk remorts and trains beyond 100% mastery. 
- NPC followers can no longer use temple touch, nor can they use monk's fortification. 

Update 1/14/2013: 
- Mercurial spirit-lightning prevention time has been increased by 25 seconds. 
- Crystalline wind prevention time has been increased by 15 seconds. 
- Holy hammer prevention time has been increased by 15 seconds. 

Update 1/13/2013: 
- Fire-goddesses now possess the skill fire inspiration. 

Update 1/12/2013: 
- The call to Nahfiotos has been toned in several ways. 

Update 1/7/2013: 
- Donations will receive double sun stones and double infuscated marbles for the months of January and February. Beginning March 1, we will run our annual Super Unique Week! For those of you who have already donated for the month of January, you have two options: 1. We can reset your donations for the month, so you can redonate to receive double sun stones / infuscated marbles. 2. We can apply double sun stones / infuscated marbles to your existing monthly donations. Email Nijlo at regarding your preference. 

Update 12/23/2012: 
- Calling the red blade now has benefits beyond 100% training and costs significantly more endurance to use. 
- Clashing taktikos now has benefits beyond 100% training, some hidden benefits, and costs a bit more endurance than before. 

Update 12/9/2012: 
- Furorem of one and furorem of two now have benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 12/8/2012: 
- Blue invocation is now far more powerful when heavily trained beyond 100%. (Note, it might currently be *too* powerful, so there might be a minor tone to it in the near future.) 

Update 11/26/2012: 
- Quickblade now has several benefits for beyond 100% training and it uses the user's dexterity and agility to lower the total prevention time. The quickblade help file has been updated to reflect these changes. 

Update 11/24/2012: 
- Wings of Ontonai is now an intermediate radiance prevention ability. All other radiance prevention abilities are now "basic radiance prevention" abilities (and their respective help files have been updated). 
- Racial shields now drain 10% of total damage to spirit or mana and reduce the total damage of the attack by 25%. 
- See "help affect racial mana shield" for more details 
- See "help affect racial spirit shield" for more details 
- Rank affects now last between 10-45 minutes. 
- To encourage more item selling to NPCs, Kyobushi's repop time has been drastically reduced. 

Update 11/22/2012: 
- Happy Thanksgiving! 
- The sell command has been changed. Below is a short summary. Please see "help sell" for more details. 
- 500,000 is the new maximum selling amount. 
- Selling rates are calculated on a slope that gradually increases in direct relation to the seller's intellect and wisdom. 
- Halwen fire now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 11/21/2012: 
- Divinity now has benefits for beyond 100% training. 

Update 11/19/2012: 
- The following changes have been made to the jadior race: 
- they no longer suffer a natural resist penalty. 
- they have lost their improved celestial ray. 
- they have received a slight increase in +dam. 
- they now have two light blasts attacks. 

Update 11/18/2012: 
- Mana shield and spirit shield can now be toggled on and off. See "help toggle mana shield", "help toggle spirit shield" and type "toggle". By default, mana and spirit shield are toggled on. 

Update 11/16/2012: 
- Leadership experience is now limited to one bonus per battle. 

Update 11/15/2012: 
- PCs now gain leadership experience when their NPC followers gain experience in combat (whether they are present or not). 

Update 11/14/2012: 
- Bandit tactic of enmeshing now restricts the target's movement in a new way: anti-recall. Bandit tactic of enmeshing is now also influenced by training it beyond 100%. The anti-recall time of bandit tactic of enmeshing is significantly greater than blindsided machination. 
- Blindsided machination is notably more powerful regarding its anti-recall affects. In addition, the anti-recall duration is increased by the attacker's dexterity. 
- Unenhance is back in a new form (see 'help unenhance'). 
- Unenhance only decreases pools (health, mana, endurance or spirit) 
- Currently, a pool cannot be unenhanced below 5,000. 

Update 11/11/2012: 
- New meijin joufu spell: Meijin's blindfold 

Update 10/27/2012: 
- Fixed some internal code stability (crash bug and illegal memory reads). 
- Bless now has slightly improved benefits. 

Update 10/20/2012: 
- Bless has been fixed; it now scales properly for beyond 100% mastery. 
- A new version of UMC, a MUD client written specifically for Nodeka, is now available: UMC v1.22.2 
- One-click voting (patent pending) and timed reminder! UMC Crafting Plugin v2.1 
- Recipes now contain alteration gemstone combinations. 

Updated filters with the ability to filter on components requiring tech points. 
- Major rewrite for more efficient scrap/component handling where the plugin now tracks container inventory. 

Update 9/3/2012: 
- The following nojohr prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- unilateral front-sided parry, parry of symmetry, nojohr fate, the benefactor judgement, warrior's magical study, warrior's study, and encircling ambience 
- The following ninja prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- joufu's reflection and clouded spirit-shift 
- The following necromancer prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- black magic of prolonging, first act of malice, and blood-magic 

Update 9/2/2012: 
- The following tholec prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- tholec's return, tholec's perception, the oe continuum of thunder, and the tih continuum of thunder 

Update 8/26/2012: 
- The following monk prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- directed guidance and guarding circle 

Update 8/25/2012: 
- The following fallad prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- venerated disgrace and light order, continuous healing 

Update 8/11/2012: 
- The following footpad prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- concentration of killing, hand of the thieves guild, the shadow's recoil, and blackening of the thieves guild 

Update 8/5/2012: 
- The following sorcerer prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- planar combat control, inharmonic-helix, crystalline wind, and blue invocation 

Update 8/4/2012: 
- The following poliir prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- the hermetic shield, guardian's quickness, guardian's unwavering eye and solar-flame 
- The following barbarian prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- zerk ferocity and reserved anger 

Update 7/29/2012: 
- The following healer prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- lesser extolment, extol, warring seraph, light order restoration, augmented divine healing 

Update 7/28/2012: 
- The following warlock prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- quiet trident, spatha of vylryvn, aspect of the seer 
- The following wizard prevention abilities now fall on different preventions: 
- circle of hale rejuvenation and deft link of thatois 

Update 7/22/2012: 
- The following abilities, which are from subclasses of the same base class are now on different preventions. The reason for this change is to make multi-classing more appealing. 
- Marauders: call to Nahfiotos and silver inferno 
- Monk: archway of entrance and strike of the black arts 
- Paladin: halwen fire and wings of Ontonai 
- Valkyrie: forgetful fire, calling the red blade, bringing of the staff (note: calling the red blade and bringing of the staff are intentionally on different preventions now, to see how that impacts valkyries.) 
- Witch: mercurial spirit-lightning, waters of enfeeblement, wilting of the occult We realize the above changes are not complete with regard to all subclasses that have abilities with overlapping preventions. We will continue to move such abilities to different preventions in the coming days and weeks. 

Update 7/21/2012: 
- The spell infravision has been replaced by efficacy of the phantasm. 

Update 7/15/2012: 
- Fireball has been slightly improved for over 100% training. 

Update 7/10/2012: 
- Fireball is now more powerful for over 100% training. 
- Fire-goddess now receives the spell fireball. 

Update 7/7/2012: 
- The valkyrie major remorts, furied aylakia and bladed virago, now possess the skill enhanced damage. 

Update 7/4/2012: 
- Valkyrie's agility now has benefits for over 100% training. 
- Okaeli's wolf is now more powerful. 
- Beckoning of the wolf is now more powerful for over 100% training. 

Update 6/29/2012: 
- Elemental malediction is now more powerful for over 100% training. 

Update 5/20/2012: 
- Entwined defense has been slightly changed and made trainable beyond 100%. For those of you with int + wis greater than 600 or wil greater than 300 you may see a slight decline in its power trained at 100%. However, that will change beyond 100% training. 

Update 5/18/2012: 
- Summoning of the grey has been substantially improved and has benefits for training over 100%. 
- Haste now correctly shows that it has benefits for training beyond 100%. 

Update 5/5/2012: 
- Fenrir has updated Beehive Base with new aggressive mobs. 

Update 5/4/2012: 
- Fixed crash bug (and another one with a similar signature). 

Update 4/11/2012: 
- The ability earthened skin has been revamped and made notably more powerful. Because of this, it is now a prevention ability. In addition, it also has benefits beyond 100% training. The mana and spirit required to use it has also gone up significantly due to its increase in power. This change benefits both sorcerers and druids.

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