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Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 28, 2013; By Charles Rector
Type: News

[21:15:05] fabibz: nit sure if it's a good way to keep it clean[21:16:20][21:16:31] dragon_balzl87think they could have reworded that headline a little better[21:18:59] fabibz: they will add something like without animals[21:22:49] fabibz: funny astronomics[23:45:43] DNBStriker: Hey dragon[23:53:20] DNBStriker: Got to go, posted something in the chat board[23:53:57] dragon_balzl87k[00:20:27] dragon_balzl87hope your computer gets fixed[05:02:05] Rye123: Hi![02:56:07] Alertfiend: NO[14:46:12] filippe1000: i want to join a guild[14:46:23] filippe1000: federation*[23:51:44] Alertfiend: Invited.[19:56:42] Pycasne: Hello?[18:23:16] Dexar: I will be deleting my account in this game. Astro Empires is my prefered game. It was interesting few years of this game... :)[02:45:32] TheAeolusThis chat is seriously dead. o.o[11:34:35] ar15: Hello.... is there anybody in there??? Hello.... is there anyone???[06:35:35] daz01: hello[14:26:26] BigBully: Hello.

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