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Charles Rector's Weblog; Nov. 4, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Although it has been in operation since 2001 NukeZone at is still alive and well.  Here is the game's self-description:

NukeZone is a strategic text-based game played on the web directly through your browser - no downloads are necessary. With over 30,000 players, NukeZone is one of the largest web games available. 

Featuring real-time team-orientated gaming, NukeZone can also be played as an individual. Your goal? Build your province into an international Nuclear power and destroy all opposition along the way with your army of air, sea and ground forces. Our wide range of top lists and medals mean that there are many ways to play NukeZone as well as many strategies - one to match every playing style. NukeZone has always been and will always remain free to play. Sign uptoday and amass your arsenal of cutting edge weaponry with which to annihilate the opposition! 

NukeZone Tournament is the latest addition to the NukeZone gaming arena, offering a completely different style of online text based game play. We will be presenting a variety of innovations in game play that include a new user friendly interface, all new army units and options, and in-depth strategy. NZ Tournament also features faster action and much shorter rounds than NukeZone to provide a more intense gaming experience. NZ Tournament is currently in the final stage of development and a release date has not yet been set.

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