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Code of Conflict Introduction/Rules

Charles Rector's Weblog; Nov. 9, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Introduction to Code of Conflict×

What is Code of Conflict you ask?

Code of Conflict (COC for short) is a massively multiplayer browser based online game. What this means is that you don't need to download anything, you can just signup and start playing. 

The aim of the game is to become rich, powerful and most importantly respected and feared. There are many paths you can follow to achieve this, your strategy is paramount. Some times it comes down to kill or be killed. 

To get started, first of all signup and read the rules (this is really important). Next you will want to begin to gain rank and money. Rank is most important, if you want to be anyone in this game you need to be a high rank, the highest ranks are feared and revered as they have the power to kill lower ranks on a whim. To gain rank start with Vendettas and Steal a Vehicle. They will give you money and rank, as well as weapons and vehicles. Don't be put off if you are unsuccessful at first, it takes practice, the more you practise the easier it is. 

Tips for new players:

  • Do Vendettas/Steal a Vehicle as often as you can.
  • Operations are a great way to gain rank.
  • Try not to annoy the higher ranked players.
  • Read the forums.
  • Have fun and get your mates to play, the more players we have the better.

For more information on features of the game, see the FAQ.

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