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Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 9, 2014; By Charles Rector
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On January 14th, I suffered an accident on an icy parking lot and got rushed to an Emergency Room.  I was diagnosed as being Diabetic and spent 36 days, first in the hospital and then in an "assisted living center".  At those 2 places, I lost 33 pounds due to the paltry food and the near complete lack of meat in the so-called meals that I was served.  Only now do I feel like making a come back.

While at these alleged centers of medicine, I got to see some ads for  As of now, it is my intention to create later this year a webzine with the title of "Tales of the Old West."  To get an idea of what I'm planning on doing, check out both  Frontier Tales & The Western Online. 

Talk about sickness:  Space Merchant Realms is now down to 57 players.  Remember back in January 2000, the original Space Merchant had over 11,000 players.  I am the only one of those players still around.

Time to pull the plug, boys. 

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