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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #38

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 13, 2014; By Charles Rector
Type: News

Dear Player,

The holidays are upon us and the presents are coming early – it's time for a unique, new round! This next map, Racial Evolution (see "final" map below), promises to be quite unlike anything you've seen, with dynamic components and a living, breathing layout that will evolve as the game progresses. Trapped in a racial pairing to start, the walls of space begin to crumble before your eyes, opening new paths to your neighbors, who you never knew existed, and eventually to an entirely new galaxy. Initial changes will typically occur within 48 hours, but once the full map has been unveiled, expect some exciting twists and turns as the game heads towards a conclusion. Caps have been raised to 20 vets, 3 newbies to accommodate all brave enough to face the changing unknown...
As if that wasn't exciting enough, the admin team is bringing you ANOTHER present with a planned massive ship overhaul! Gone are the days of homogeneity (that means everything being relatively the same you Neanderthals!), in are the days of specialization and choice! Following up on our hunter changes from last round, this time the raider class gets the nod, with two raider hunters (WQ, Thevian) and more robust opping ships. Want to be the best hunter in the game? There's a ship for that! Want to be the best opper in the game? There's a ship for that! Want to be the best utility player? There's a ship for that too! Come check out the new proposed changes on tab Speculative-Game 72 at:

And finally, an admin table will be held Saturday, December 21st at 5PM server, 11AM Eastern. The admin table will be held in #smr. Be sure to bring all your questions and concerns.

As always, SMR welcomes any new ideas for maps. Map ideas and submissions can be sent to any SMR admin or on the SMR webboard in the map submission thread.
Space Merchant Realms also very much appreciates the hard work of our primary coder, Page, and two other players who have started working on SMR code to make it a better game, Ronsilver and Astax. New features, long proposed, now have a chance to be added to game to add depth, balance and interesting new strategies. However, we always need new coders!!! Ask your friends, your family, your peers, your fellow students... help us make SMR into the truly amazing game it can be.
See you in game! Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team

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