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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #40

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector
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Dear Player,

The council has held its final session and a new traditional game is set to begin this weekend! Several veterans returned to the fray to duke it out in our latest bridge battle, setting the stage for what looks like an action-packed round ahead. Come reunite with your old friends as they get caught up in the tangled webs of our next map - Arachnopohobia - featuring 4 racial pairings, 2 neutrals and 3 planet galaxies. Alliance sizes are set at 15 veterans and 3 newbies, so bring some buddies and prepare your own traps for flie(r)s.

An overview of the next map can be seen here:

As if that wasn't enough incentive, the game you know and love continues to evolve, with several significant graphical improvements and two new planet types slated to be rolled out shortly! We won't spoil the surprise, but come check out all the new colors and icons, including colorblind support options. Nijarin ships have also had their combat drones removed in favor of additional hardpoints, with all changes found here under the Game 77 tab:

As always, SMR welcomes any new ideas for maps. Map ideas and submissions can be sent to any SMR admin or on the SMR webboard in the map submission thread. If you cannot draw maps, no worries! Just describe your ideas to Jouldax or Bouncer, and they can make one up for you. As a reminder, we've recently introduced SMR's first ever mission! Stop by your local HQ to find out what the fuss is all about. We're continuing to improve the game for both new and old players alike. However...

We always need new coders!!! New features, long proposed, need to be added to game to add depth, balance and interesting new strategies. Would you like to see links to combat logs when your planet is under attack? Would you like to see notifications of new council votes? A confirmation on planet bonding? New alliance roles? All of these require coding! So ask your friends, your family, your peers, your fellow students... help us make SMR into the truly amazing game it can be.
See you in game! Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team

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