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Democracy 3 Press Release

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector
Type: News

Positech Games releases EXTREMISM, the new expansion pack for Democracy 3...

Are you tired of just adjusting income tax and nudging public spending up or down a few percentage points? Do you crave more extreme options for reshaping society? How many of you socialists would like a punitive wealth tax or a ban on second homes? Do environmentalists want car-free cities and a ban on air travel? And surely some of you patriots want schoolkids singing the national anthem and flags on every street corner? Want to ban divorce and gay marriage? Maybe ban private education?

Democracy 3: Extremism lets you do all this and much much more. 33 new policies and situations let you explore the deeper reaches of political debate, and can be yours right now either direct from us*, from GoG or from Steam. Your people need you!

In other news, your people will need you on ipad soon too...
You can stay up to date with Democracy 3 at the official forums or my blog.
  *People often ask us which payment method earns most for the developer, and that is always direct from us, but if you prefer to buy from steam, thats fine. We give a steam key to all direct customers anyway.

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