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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #41

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 8, 2014; By Charles Rector
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Space Merchant Realms BannerDear Player, 

Another exciting round is set to start this weekend in SMR! This round will be a King of the Hill type round. What does that mean you ask? A King of the Hill round is where the largest planet type is set up in a cluster in the center of a neutral galaxy. On the outside of the neutral galaxy you will find smaller planet clusters with smaller planetary sizes. This can be used as a staging point before attacking the cluster of Planets in the center part of the neutral. Below is a graphical representation of the layout: 

You can see here that there are 4 outside clusters of smaller planets with a center cluster of larger planets. Also note the racials will be paired together with each other, this will help promote peace among the races for trading and weaponry. The four racial galaxies will be connected with each other and with the main neutral galaxy. 

As always, SMR welcomes any new ideas for maps. Map ideas and submissions can be sent to any SMR admin or on the SMR webboard in the map submission thread. If you cannot draw maps, no worries! Just describe your ideas to Jouldax or Bouncer, and they can make one up for you. As a reminder, we've recently introduced SMR's first ever mission! Stop by your local HQ to find out what the fuss is all about. We're continuing to improve the game for both new and old players alike. 

We always need new coders!!! New features, long proposed, need to be added to game to add depth, balance and interesting new strategies. Would you like to see links to combat logs when your planet is under attack? Would you like to see notifications of new council votes? A confirmation on planet bonding? New alliance roles? All of these require coding! So ask your friends, your family, your peers, your fellow students... help us make SMR into the truly amazing game it can be. 

See you in game!Thank you,

The SMR Administration TeamNot

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