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Space Merchant Realms News letter #43

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 18, 2014; By Charles Rector
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Space Merchant Realms BannerDear Players, 

The next exciting installment of SMR games is upon us! This is Round 82 aptly named Wormhole Wonderland because of the multitude of warps within the game. This round is a draft game as well with the draft leaders being Rain and Storm. The draft will occur Friday evening USA time at 9pm Eastern Time which is 19/7/2014 3:00AM game time. The draft will occur in #smr like always. You will need to join the game before the draft occurs to be included in the draft list else you will be picked as you join. Details and layout of the map can be found at this thread 

Some specifics of the game are as follows: The speed of the game is your standard 1.5 with a maximum of 700 turns. The turns will go live at approximately Noon Eastern time on Saturday which is 19/7/2014 6:00:00 PM game time. 

One notable change this game will be the reverting back to 10 vs. 10 player combat. We have decided that the 3 v 3 did not meet the purpose of increasing interaction and in the process caused a complete shift away from mass landing on planets. It is because of these reasons we have decided to revert back to the original player vs. player combat styling. 

As always, SMR welcomes any new ideas for maps. Map ideas and submissions can be sent to any SMR admin or on the SMR webboard in the map submission thread. If you cannot draw maps, no worries! Just describe your ideas to Jouldax or Bouncer, and they can make one up for you. 

Lastly we are still looking for additional coders!!! New features, long proposed, need to be added to game to add depth, balance and interesting new strategies. Would you like to see links to combat logs when your planet is under attack? Would you like to see notifications of new council votes? A confirmation on planet bonding? New alliance roles? All of these require coding! So ask your friends, your family, your peers, your fellow students…help us make SMR into the truly amazing game it can be. 

See you in game!Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team

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