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Charles Rector's Weblog; Feb. 17, 2015; By Charles Rector
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I'd like to thank Mr. Robert F. Ludwick or DarkFlare (DF) as he was known in online gaming back in November 1999 when I first met him in Solar Empire in the Trex Mercenaries multi-game clan for creating OMGN.  Now that OMGN is going by the wayside, I'd like to suggest a sequel.  Ever since the suite was created in 2002, there has been an explosion in the number of gaming directories and other news/resources covering the broad range of online gaming.  This has made it difficult for sites like OMGN to thrive, let alone survive. However, there are a number of niches that are being poorly served by the currently existing gaming information websites.  Of these perhaps the most promising is that of open source games as shown by this list at Wikipedia, .  There is not a single news/resources website covering this area other than a single blog that I've been able to find.  

In any event, the closure of OMGN comes at a time when the online gaming reviews scene is at a crossroads.  This is the result of the GamerGate movement that has its origins in the oftentimes sleazy world of online game reviewing done by websites that do not have the high standards that OMGN has always lived by.  One of the catalysts of GamerGate was the fact that an interactive fiction game called DepressionQuest won all sorts of awards and rave reviews by websites that normally do not given interactive fiction games the time of day.  There have been allegatiosn that much of this favorable attention came from its creator engaging in sexual perversion with allegedly professional game reviewers.  While I don't know the validity of those allegations, I do know that for a game that has gotten all sorts of great press, I found it pretty lackluster when I tried it.  
Irregardless of whatever course of action DF takes, let's hope that the shuttering of OMGN eventually leads to something worthy of its great legacy.  

Charles Rector aka crector

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