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Diaspora: ME Update

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector
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From:  Project Diaspora Facebook Page :

Project Diaspora10 hrs · 

Hope everyone had a good weekend, extra long weekend for the Americans smile emoticon we are working away hard at some example layouts and a few promo videos for the crowd funding. I think the Helis are just about done with modeling, soon as the modeling is done will be starting with the Zephyr and Endy's Im pretty stoked to see the iconic Endy Behemoth updated and re drawn. Will be posting pictures of some hanger concept screens for feed back from you guys. We will probably go through a bunch of ideas before we pick an exact style. Stay tuned, remember to like our page, invite your friends and family to like it, and if you want to keep up on more topics sign up to the forum! - S.R.

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Project DiasporaMay 24 at 12:50am · 

Update time everyone! smile emoticon we have been working hard coding and remodeling, we should have a few things up Monday night to show you. The models are coming along nicely, and you will get to see some of them without the finished skins. We will also show you some concepts for the in game menu system. We are also working hard to figure out the tiers for a small crowd fund, so please join in the conversation here, or on the forum.…

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