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My response to Sarah A. Hoyt

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

One of my pet peeves is that all too often comment moderation is used to keep out legitimate disagreement with a blogger's positions.  There are so many bloggers who will only allow supporters or low intelligence critics to post comments, its pretty clear that there is very little genuine debate in the blogosphere.   One such blogger is the hack writer Sarah A. Hoyt who often says one thing, then contradicts herself and then calls everyone who points out that she has contradicted herself a bunch of fools or liars.  After one such recent post, I made the following comment:

     Do you ever think before you post? The Golden Age was the heyday of the pulps and            pulpiness. As for File 770, they don’t have any sort of narrative or editorial position. What  are you, a Brad Torgersen type troll?

Did Hoyt allow my comment to go through and then try to defend herself?  You silly rabbit, debate and discussion is only for kids!

Update:  Shortly after this post was made, Hoyt put my comment up and then added a pair of snarky rejoinders.  Don't know if it was just a coincidence or if there was cause and effect here.  In any event, it was pretty disappointing.

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