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GamerGate is Over

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 19, 2015; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

No matter how you approach it or define it, its pretty clear that GamerGate is all over with.  In its wake is an altered online gaming news media landscape.  Most of the gaming press websites have adopted standards of conduct.  There are many new websites that cover gaming from a gamer's perspective, not from a corrupt standpoint.

Granted, its always possible that a gaming press website will slide back into doing things the bad way, however given the zero tolerance for corruption stance now held by most gamers, its pretty clear that any deviance from honest news coverage will be fraught with peril.  This is especially the case given how so many gaming press websites have lost much of their audience and are just barely hanging on by the skins of their teeth.  The days when gaming news websites could reap huge profits while wallowing in corruption are now over. 

Let the new era of computer gaming journalism begin on a high note and put all the trolls who gave GamerGate a bad name behind us. 

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