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Hard-Fought Victory in Global Combat Final Four Tournament #6 -- Game 12

Sep. 10, 2013; By Charles Rector

Final Four #6 - Game 12Turn Rate24 HoursNumber of Players8MapOriginalFog of WarFalseMinimum Army Bonus0Reverse Attack OrderFalseNon-Random AttacksFalsePrivate Invite OnlyFalseTournament#4633 Players crector  1st Place(Score Expected = 0.49, Score = 1, Rating Change = 76) saints  2nd Place(Score Expected = 0.4, Score = 0.86, Rating Change = 69) S.L.B.  3rd Place(Score Expected = 0.8, Score = 0.71, Rating Change = -14...


Sep. 10, 2013; By Charles Rector

Spikeball io the laest sports fad that's sweeping the country. DNAinfo Chicago has the scoop:

Complete Text of Ron Paul's Farewell Address Nov 14, 2012

Sep. 10, 2013; By Charles Rector

This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor. At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period. My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today: promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty. It was my opinion, that the course the U.S. embarked on in the latter part of the 20th Century would bring us a major financial crisis and engulf us in...

Gratuitous Space Battles Related Links

Sep. 10, 2013; By Charles Rector (Preview)

Indie Game "Democracy 2" Press Release

Sep. 9, 2013; By Charles Rector

Positech Games, the one-man indie studio run by cliff 'cliffski' harris, and responsible for Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles, is extremely pleased to announce that their unique turn-based political-strategy game 'Democracy 2' is now available on steam!  Democracy 2 is a game that puts the player in the role of President/Prime Minister of a fictional country. The games unique design is built around a...

Global Combat Conversations with Bryan Livingston in 2012

Sep. 9, 2013; By Charles Rector

Conversations with the creator/developer/operator of Global Combat at :       Neocen     I used, put password + confirmation password and then had the message "invalid adress"12 hrs, 9 min agoBryan     What email did you use? It actually sends an email imminently and won't create the account if it can't send.2 days, 9 hrs agoNeocen   ...

Press Release: Gratuitous Controllable Battles

Sep. 8, 2013; By Charles Rector

Do you remember our indie pc strategy space game and surprise success-story 'Gratuitous Space Battles' released just over 3 years ago? We have important news regarding the game.Unlike big name 'triple A' companies, we at positech games don't believe in ditching support for old games, or cynically turning off servers to encourage people to buy our new titles (even though we'd love people to buygratuitous tank battles :D). Instead, we have...

Progressive Magazine Press Release

Sep. 8, 2013; By Charles Rector

From: The Progressive Hires New Editor to Lead Venerable Magazine For Immediate Release: Contact:Matt Rothschild or Ruth Conniff(608) 257-4626(608) 239-4747 Ruth Conniff The Progressive Hires New Editor to Lead Venerable Magazine Ruth Conniff Takes Over with New Ideas MADISON, WI—The Progressive has promoted Ruth Conniff to be editor of this 104-year-old magazine....

Legolas's RPG Font Repository

Sep. 8, 2013; By Charles Rector  Is a place to get some great looking Fantasy RPG style fonts.

[AE] Astro Empires Newsletter August 30, 2013

Sep. 8, 2013; By Charles Rector

The latest Astro Empires Newsletter is here with the latest news from the Astroverse!        Astro Empires v1.5Astro Empires v1.5 is coming out in October and a full feature list has been released.The updates which include graphic as well as mechanics changes will be the largest update to Astro Empires since its launch. Read more here          Ship Comparison ChartA new chart...

Ninja Climb Press Release

Sep. 8, 2013; By Charles Rector

Ninja Climb assets are available at:   Natsume Continues To Strengthen Its Mobile Lineup With The Launch of Ninja Climb iOS   A Band of Ninjas Joins Natsume’s Recent Reel Fishing Pocket, Which Gets a Big Update Later This Month                            ...

A TDZK Blast From the Past

Sep. 7, 2013; By Charles Rector

Conversation with Malhavoc March 18th, 2003:237067810: (1:14 AM) I went and got ICQ, this shouldhelp communication a little.Chuck: (1:15 AM) Great.malhavoc_tdzk: (1:16 AM) Jewel is still sitting atthat port.malhavoc_tdzk: (1:16 AM) I should have killed him whenI had the chance. I could have kicked him off theplanet and shot him.Chuck: (1:16 AM) yes. Do you want me to send youJer'le post about JLP? malhavoc_tdzk: (1:17 AM) I saw it. The huge...

Bloodline Champions

Sep. 7, 2013; By Charles Rector

Bloodline Champions  is a major game that has matches of up to 10 players in 2 different teams who duke it out for victory.

SadCast Sci-Fi Show

Sep. 7, 2013; By Charles Rector

Science Fiction SadCAST Season 2 is now in production  The latest show was recorded on March 15th 2013: SadCAST Season 2 Episode 1: News of the latest Star Trek movie, In to Darkness, also the film Elysium that is due in cinemas thisautumn and reviews of the excellent British Sci Fi show Black Mirror(just completed season 2 in the UK) and wonderful Archer (Season 4).The shows panellists were Tony (Manchester UK),...

Women of Warcraft

Sep. 6, 2013; By Charles Rector is the link to the Women of Warcraft Yahoo! Group.  It appears to be silent for now, which is strange given the proclivity of women to talk, talk,talk & talk without ever making any sense.

Blast From the Past: Purge Newsletter - 7 May 2003

Sep. 6, 2013; By Charles Rector

Purge Newsletter - 7 May 2003 Well Well...Well its sure been a while since the last Purge newsletter, but now that Purge has been released and Hap has a little more time to contribute to the newsletter it should turn into some sort of bi-weekly newsletter to keep you informed to the happenings of the great game Purge. This week it is just going to be a short newsletter to basically introduce Hap's new Soapbox articles. Soapbox #1Long time no see...


Sep. 6, 2013; By Charles Rector

The Sci-Fi Gamer Chick blog at was a short-lived exercise that still left behind a decent collection of sci-fi related links.  The posts are pretty interesting too. Here is how the Sci-Fi Gamer describes herself: I've been reading sf, fantasy, horror, and mysteries since I first learned to read. I started volunteering at cons in college. Been a tabletop role-player since high school. After...

House Forsaken of TDZK

Sep. 5, 2013; By Charles Rector

From: House Forsaken of TDZK Welcome to the Internet Introduction to the House Forsaken alliance of TDZK. House Forsaken has been a major force in online gaming since its inception in 1996 in Since 1996, our motto has been: Strike First*Strike Hard*No Mercy.House Forsaken's participation in TDZK dates back to the game's very first round in September, 2001. For the most part, that has taken...

Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken

Sep. 5, 2013; By Charles Rector

Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken:HotaruTrue BrotherJoined: 24 Apr 2001Posts: 138Location: Taenarian OrbitPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 4:46 pm Post subject: HouseForsaken member resignation.------------------------------------------------------------I am officially resigning my status as a member ofHouse Forsaken. I have met many friends here, but Imust take my leave now.I've never been really good at being subtle, so I'llbe blunt. I can't...

Battlefront Newsletter August 30 2013

Sep. 5, 2013; By Charles Rector

CMBN Market Garden PREORDERS live now!!CMBN Market Garden - NewsFriday, 30 August 2013 Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden" is now available for pre-order for both PC and Mac OS X, for only $35 plus S&H (a $10 savings vs. a regular Download&Mail order after the release)! "Market Garden" is the second module in the critically acclaimed series of WW2 tactical combat simulations and requires the base game, "Combat...

TEQ Newsletter August 30 2013

Sep. 5, 2013; By Charles Rector

It's been some time since we contacted you. There have been some change recently. TEQ has moved to a new and faster server! We're now offically "in the cloud". To celebrate this, we would like to invite you to come back and play TEQ again. Too make things even more fun we made - for the time being - the subscriber features available to everyone! So... please come to and join one of our 4 game servers! We've...

Interview with Northwoods Leage President Dick Radatz

Sep. 4, 2013; By Charles Rector

Here is an email interview that I did in 2004 when I wrote the Independent Thinking blog for the now defunct Most Valuable Network. This blog was mostly about independent minor league baseball although it did include other non-baseball establishment subjects as well. Would like to know what you guys think of it. Interview With Northwoods League President Dick Radatz, Jr.Dick Radatz Jr., president and co-founder of the Northwoods League ,...

House Forsaken is Dead

Sep. 3, 2013; By Charles Rector

In the early days of Solar Empre, June-October, 1999 House Forsaken was the mightiest clan in the game. At least that is until the likes of the Evil Empire, TalkHouse & the Trex Mercenaries showed up. Even then, HF's position was strong enough that in January 2000 SE creator/developer/operator Bryan Livingston awarded them their own SE game that was admined by HF members. HF was also a multi-game outfit that also had strong clans in other...

Space Zone Solar Empire News

Sep. 3, 2013; By Charles Rector Sep 03 - 20:27crector renamed the planet Arneb #18 to Bryan.Sep 03 - 20:26crector has claimed the planet Arneb #18.Sep 03 - 20:22crector renamed the planet Thepor #766 to White Soxia.Sep 03 - 20:21crector has claimed the planet Thepor #766.Sep 03 - 20:20Conflict!! Armed assault battleships are clashing in System 250Sep 03 - 20...

Blogging Resumes

Sep. 3, 2013; By Charles Rector

With this post, I have returned from amounts to a one month vacation.  Let the blogging begin!

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