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More Fred Karger Campaign E-Mails

Oct. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector

January 26, 2012Contact: Rina Shahrina@fredkarger.com202-507-9583 Fred Karger Releases 12 Years of Federal Tax Returns Challenges Other GOP Presidential Candidatesto do Same ADRIAN, MICHIGAN -- Fred Karger released his 2000 to 2010 federal tax returns today in front of the George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy at Adrian College.  His eleven tax returns are now posted on plus his 2011 estimate.  Fred...

F1 2012 Out Now

Oct. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector

F1 2012™ Out Now ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Lap tutorials, Season Challenge, and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- F1 2012 can be purchased from all major retailers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube --------------------------------------------...

Fred Karger 2012 Campaign E-Mails

Oct. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

Fred Karger was a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination whose campaign failed to get much attention outside of the Internet.  Here are some of his campaign emails from that contest: Contact: Rina Shahrina@fredkarger.com202-507-9583June 14, 2012President Thomas S. MonsonThe Office of the First PresidencyChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.50 East North Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
Dear President...

Fred Karger Campaign E-Mails

Sep. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

          January 3, 2012Contact: Rina Shahrina@fredkarger.com202-507-9583New Karger Commercial Begins on TVin New Hampshire Today -'Fed Up With the Republican Party?Vote for a Moderate Republican'MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Former Reagan aide Fred Karger previewed his new 30 second television commercial today at a noon (EST) press conference.  In this daring new ad Karger is described as “the only...

Governor Gary Johnson E-Mails

Sep. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

Governor Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party nominee for president.  Here are some of the emails that he has been sending out:   Gary Johnson at 5.3% nationally against  Obama and Romney     Friends,   A national Zogby poll released Friday shows Governor Johnson at 5% when included along with President Obama and Mitt Romney.   That is a number that should be hard for the elite media and the Commission on...

The Scare Factor on Horror High

Sep. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector Point your browser to the above link and you will find an in-depth review of the not so classic flick Horror High.

XCOR Aerospace Investment Press Release

Sep. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector

PRESS RELEASEXCOR Contact:Mike MasseeXCOR AerospacePhone: (661) 824-4714 x127Email: []XCOR Aerospace Closes $5 Million Round of Investment Capital27 February 2012, Mojave, CA and Palo Alto, CA:  XCOR Aerospace announced todaythat it recently closed a $5 million round of equity funding.   The round, combinedwith cash on hand plus anticipated and existing contracts should fund the...

Astrobotic Tech Press Release

Sep. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

Astrobotic Wins Contact to Develop Moon Cave Explorer PITTSBURGH, PA – Aug 21, 2012 – Astrobotic today announced a NASA contract to develop technologies for exploring caves on the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Astrobotic was one of ten teams to be selected for phase II awards from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. Planetary caverns and tunnels can provide shelter from micrometeorites, radiation, and thermal extremes...

eBay Controversial Ban

Sep. 7, 2012; By Charles Rector

From the Temple of Iharibol Yahoo! list: Greetings all, In today's news, eBay has announced that it will be banning the sale of all "metaphysical" good from their auction site. This will not only include the sale of spells and services such as tarot readings, but all metaphysical supplies such as tarot cards, Wiccan items, etc. So, you will be able to buy Christian prayer books, rosaries, etc, but you will NOT be able to buy Pagan altar...

XCOR Aerospace Press Releases

Sep. 7, 2012; By Charles Rector

PRESS RELEASE XCOR Contact: Mike Massee XCOR Aerospace Phone: (661) 824-4714 x127 Email: [] XCOR Aerospace Announces Lynx Suborbital Flight Winner May 16, 2012, Mojave CA: XCOR Aerospace today announced the grand prize winner of a trip aboard the Lynx Mark I suborbital launch vehicle. XCOR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson made the announcement at the Spacecraft Technology Expo (STE) in Los Angeles,...

Specters Alliance is Kaput

Aug. 17, 2012; By Charles Rector

The Specters Alliance was founded in 1998 as a multi-game clan oriented around Blizzard games complete with the slogan "maximum gamers, minimum lamers."  For many, even non-members such as myself, the SA epitomized the best of online gaming.  Unfortunately, the combination of intra-clan fractiousness combined with dwindling interest by gamers into joining clans proved too much and so the SA closed its doors and now is no more. 

Global Combat Convs with shadowcat

Aug. 17, 2012; By Charles Rector

Me: Starting in Medium #842, let's have a formal alliance in all rounds. Any objections?shadowcat: med 842 sounds good I'm going for europe this turn Me: In Large #216, you attacked me repeatedly. Why? Does your word of honor mean so little to you?Me: In Medium #841, I have pulled out of Europe so you can take over that continent. Assuming that is, you can come up with a convincing reason for what happened in Large #216.shadowcat: I'm sorry...

Global Combat: Convs with Bryan

Aug. 17, 2012; By Charles Rector

yan - OfflineX_Me: The game is running a lot better than it was 2 weeks ago...thanks. Me: Are you going to do any advertising to make up for all the players who have quit this game the past several weeks? Bryan: I'm already running an ad campaign. It's not going well. Me: Medium #822 Game 23:Me: I forced the turn and the only thing that happened was that the clock went back to 72 hours and counting. Bryan: Can you send me the url for the game?...

Press Release: XCOR Releases Payload Users Guide for Lynx Space Vehicle

Aug. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

PRESS RELEASEXCOR Contact:Bryan CampenXCOR AerospacePhone: (312) 725-3225Email: []XCOR Releases Payload Users Guide for Lynx Suborbital VehicleMojave, California (July 24, 2012): XCOR Aerospace announced today that the Lynx suborbital vehicle's Payload User's Guide (PUG) is now available online from XCOR'swebsite ( [

Meteorite DNA

Aug. 2, 2012; By Charles Rector A team of scientists led by NASA's Michael Callahan appears to have added some critical components to the list of space-borne building blocks raining onto Earth's surface: a class of chemicals called nucleobases. Nucleobases combine to carry the genetic information found in DNA molecules, the molecules that orchestrate an organism's form and functions. In results reported in...

Is the Global Combat Crisis Over?

Aug. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector

Lately, there have not been any serious problems with the free browser based Risk like game Global Combat that you can access at .  However, there has been a massive loss of players due to the arbitrary and capricious actions of creator/developer Bryan Livingston who inflicted gut wrenching changes to the game without warning in a manner that rendered the game unplayable for the majority of the players. Now,...

DiRT Showdown Now in Stores

Aug. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector

DiRT SHOWDOWNIn Stores Now!----------------------------------------------------------------------Shipping to stores today, dive into a turbo-charged world tour ofmotorised mayhem with DiRT Showdown! Starring full-impact races,bone-jarring demolition derbies and freestyle Hoonigan events, it's timeto go hard or go home as you wow the crowds and smash your rivals atspectacular 'Showdown' finals.-----------------------------------------------...

Global Combat Crisis Continues

Jul. 24, 2012; By Charles Rector

If you point your browser to the game of Global Combat at you will find the following:     Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the...

The Combine is Now Feral Uprising

Jul. 22, 2012; By Charles Rector

The once-powerful multigame online gaming clan The Combine that was once the single most powerful clan in Shadowbane is now nothing more than a forum clan called Feral Uprising at .  So it goes with once mighty clans such as House Forsaken that are  nothing more than shadows of their former selves.

Conquer Club Changes

Jul. 22, 2012; By Charles Rector

Over at the free browser-based Risk type game Conquer Club at they have "just launched a new achievement medal and Battle Royale games."

Global Combat Convs with banjo

Jul. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector

banjo - OfflineX_Me: #876: Don't know about you, but its hard to believe that the opposition collapsed as quickly as it did the last day or so.Me: #876: Don't know about you, but its hard to believe that the opposition collapsed as quickly as it did the last day or so.banjo: 880...attack argentina with only 3 and you should have it, ok?banjo: 880...attack argentina with only 3 and you should have it, ok?banjo: 880...ouch, I thought you...

Francina Ball Chat Conv with Bryan Livingston July 17, 2012

Jul. 20, 2012; By Charles Rector

A longtime Global Combat player recently had an in-game conversation with game creator/developer Bryan Livingston:   Bryan: I'll see what I can do. Are you seeing error messages?Me: What do you mean?  I can enter tournaments, but cannot play the games.Bryan: Any error messages pop up when you try to play?Me: No. The games fail to load properly.Bryan: So can you see the map?  Can you send me a screenshot?Me: Can only see the parts...

Global Combat Convs with Bowser

Jul. 17, 2012; By Charles Rector

Bowser: 864...yes, I did. One of us has to grow for the other to survive. That is the goal for both of us to make it to the next round. I have played these games for nine + years and you can see by my numbers that I know what I am doing. I was a admin in the early games and was taught by the likes of Bryan himself in the art of the larger games. At one time, I was considered the, they just think I am a cheat.....I am actually...

Global Combat Creator/Developer on Whether or not Internet Explorer Works

Jul. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

According to Bryan aka Mr. Livingston aka Tester, Internet Explorer should now be workable with his game:     TesterIE should be fully working now.4 hrs, 43 min ago - Delete  

My Global Combat Message Log

Jul. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

This page will probably be removed soon. Deleting messages is disabled.Your Messagesbanjo225 do you want me to drop into africa so you can take eu?19 hrs, 3 min ago - for for you? my suggestion, place 1 in africa and attack me with ONLY 4. You can take madagascar from tanz...I will move that way unless I hear from you different. GL3 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteTesterIt might have been fixed yesterday. What...

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