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Global Combat in Crisis

Jun. 22, 2012; By Charles Rector

If you point your browser to you will find this:     Tournaments are broken. Tournament games are frozen.IE7 and IE6 are broken.If you have problems try pressing Shift-F5 to refresh your browser cache.   And this:   This site works best with Google Chrome due to it's support for desktop notifications.    Note that there is no explanation for what a "desktop Notification" is. ...

Dominion R.I.P.

Jun. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

If you point your browser over to you will find the following sad tidings:     Game Over  Dominion launched over 12 years ago, and it has lasted through two betas and 74 rounds of gameplay. I never thought when I built this game that it would ever last so long or touch so many people’s lives. It has been a huge part of my life, and I agonized over this decision but...

The FOIA Situation

Jun. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA's) are supposed to enable citizens and journalists alike to find out just what their state & local governments are doing with their taxpayers dollars.  However, in actual practice, bureaucrats are getting away with murder.  There are too many exemptions to these FOIA's and poorly written clauses are being increasingly exploited by bureaucrats to unjustly withhold documents from the public.All...

SharePlay Press Release About the Original Space Merchant

Jun. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

A Golden Oldie from times long gone about a game that died over a decade ago..............   SHAREPLAY ANNOUNCES SPACE MERCHANT 1.0     SharePlay Press Release   SHAREPLAY ANNOUNCES SPACE MERCHANT 1.0 -------------------------------------- SharePlay announces that Space Merchant 1.0 has been released on January 6, 2000, after more than one year of beta testing. The release version has incorporated ...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #15

Jun. 8, 2012; By Charles Rector

Here's another trip down memory lane about Space Merchant Realms, a once great game that is now just barely existing on life support.     Hello Everyone! That's right, coming straight from the heart of SMR and into your email box, chock full of game news and other nonsense, it's time for another Space Merchant Realms newsletter. Let's begin...   ---------------------------------------------------------------------  ...

Panzer Grenadier Headquarters

Jun. 8, 2012; By Charles Rector

Panzer Grenadier Headquarters at is a great fansite for the popular board wargame Panzer Grenadier.

4 New VGA Planets Games at Circus Maximus

Jun. 8, 2012; By Charles Rector

From the VGA Planets Yahoo! Group:     Greetings Players. There are four new games accepting players at CM.No Frills 105 is your basic default VGAP game.Game runs 3 times a week until turn 25, then twice a week or when all turns are in.Game is set for 100 turns.Mods: Allies, Teleport.Map: Custom.Homeworlds: Random Locations..Extra Rich HW, Random Normal Planets. High Pop. High Money.Starbase @ HW with 2 ships.TimHost 3.22.47.Rank to...

Original Space Merchant Newbie Game #8 Reminiscence

Jun. 3, 2012; By Charles Rector

The following is a reminiscence of times gone by in Newbie Game #8 of the original Space Merchant that was played a bit more than 12 years ago: The greatest of all the SM alliances that I was in prior to Newbie Game #10 when I finally got DarkFlare to allow the Trex Mercenaries being set up in SM. That is, of course, Law & Order. At the start of SM Newbie Game #8, there was a prominent player named Zonker from previous newbie games who...

Some Space Merchant History

Jun. 2, 2012; By Charles Rector

  From: The since defunct Willowstrance Forum/Historical Archive website: A long since deleted post from the SMR Forum: And now for some Space Merchant History: The late, lamented game Space Merchant had a controversy-filled history. One aspect of the game’s past was the corruption showed by the game’s staff that, in part, led to SM’s downfall. While it is true that, during this writer’s playing days (January,...

Magellan Galaxy Survey GameLoft Newbie Game #1

Jun. 2, 2012; By Charles Rector

Here’s the survey of the Magellan Galaxy in GameLoft Newbie Game #1 that was undertaken by members of the Trex Mercenaries early on in that historic game: Quadrants of interest: PLANETS Sector Name Owner Alliance Build level 7446 planet unowned 7448 planet unowned 7452 planet unowned 7462 planet 7488 planet 7494 planet Cuddleplace Cuddlemonkey Trex Mercenaries level 5.00 7511 planet 7515 planet Dipstick’s Ball Morgan...

Trex Mercenaries Treasury In Space Merchant GameLoft Newbie Game #1

Jun. 2, 2012; By Charles Rector

GameLoft Newbie Game #1 was possibly the greatest game ever played in the entire history of Space Merchant. Nearly 20,000 players signed up for what turned out to be a colossal slugfest in which the Trex Mercenaries rose from obscurity to challenge the rule of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their recruitment/training guild, The Forsaken. Here’s one of the few surviving documents from that era, the TM’s treasury account:...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #11

Jun. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector

Here's a golden oldie:       That's right, it's another Space Merchant Realms newsletter to inform, entertain, and clutter up your email box. Let's begin...   -------------------------------------------------------------------   Heard in the Community:   Recent days have seen the return of some long absent players to the web board and to the game. SilverX2, Hypno (Rat Fighter), and Elvon are among the ones...

First Screenshots of Eldevin Released

Jun. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector

Hi, the first ever in-game screenshots of Eldevin are here! We're extremely excited to unveil Eldevin's brand new website, packed full of information and media for you to feast on. There are dozens of never-before-seen images, so be one of the first to see Eldevin in all its glory over at the screenshot gallery!  This week in the spotlight: Eldevin City. This grand fortress city protects not only its inhabitants, but...

The Goreletter Vol. 6.02 October 19 2010

May. 31, 2012; By Charles Rector

========================THE GORELETTER:Arnzen's Weird Newsletter Vol. 6.02 | October 19, 2010 +++========================BLATHERBlather. Wince. Repeat.Weird JuiceStabbleFungalberryKiweird CocktailPoisonberryPhlegmonaid (With Extra Pulp)EmbalmigranateBashin' BerryScabappleScrape JuiceAngerineSpineappleStrangoSlaughtermelon SmoothieCrampelopeSlimeadeNeck NectarHorrangeSlitrus LimeGaspberryUpchuck CherrySlopical...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #18

May. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

To top things off tonight, here is a golden oldie:     SMR News   SMR is proud to announce a new round starting March 28 at 19:00 Server Time - CET (18:00 GMT, 14:00 EDT). This new game round should be fun and filled with lots of excitement. Plan to be online to get a head start on the other players. And don't worry if you've not created a new account, you can sign in with your old account and it will automatically be upgraded...

Recent Fort Wayne Komets Press Releases

May. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThursday, May 17, 2012   "Oh, and one more thing....I'm gonna make it 60!"Bob Chase to call his 60th year for Komets radio-rinkside Fort Wayne, IN --  You had to know he was coming back.  Some questioned it, but Komet veteran broadcaster made it clear at the Komets championship party and jersey auction Thursday night, May 10 at the Coliseum when he was standing...

Test Players Wanted for VGA Planets 3.5

May. 21, 2012; By Charles Rector

From the VGA Planets Yahoo! email list:     First of all let me Introduce me. I am Ronald van Maanen from the Nether lands and together with Hauke Stenzel, and for the last year alone, I have been maintaining the code from the VGA planets 3.5 client, master, host, hostconfig etc. with permission from Time Wisseman.Currently we are testing an enhanced version of the client in which a number of forms have been revamped to make better use... Newsletter April 2012

May. 11, 2012; By Charles Rector

Brand new french wargaming site has posted a review of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Commonwealth Forces. Commonwealth Forces is a must have. It adds a lot to Combat Mission Normandy, especially beautiful new units and interesting missions, but also it offers a nearly complete game on the Battle of Normandy. [ Click here to jump directly to (it's in french, duh) ]Note: best viewed in Firefox Vae Victis reviews...

Two More Mika Kelly Press Releases

May. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector

To download the new screens visit:     CALL OF GODS EX RIDES TO THE CLOUDS   Save Across iOS Devices; Just In Time For Big Game Updates    Shanghai, China-May 04, 2012--Shanghai Boyojoy Network Technology CO.,LTD announced today its entertainment and action game, Call of Gods EX for iOS,has received a stability and content update.  Now players can feel the anger...

Trade Wars Rising: Machinations

May. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector

TRADEWARS® RISING SPECIAL EVENTMay 6th 2012TRADEWARS RISING GAME EVENT – MACHINATIONS – GAME STARTIts been a while since we've seen a really good populated Colonization game so here goes. This I hope will be a huge event with 100+ players. To do this, I hope I can count on your help to invite all the players to join it and hopefully team up for great Corp on corp action!!! Right now, you can already Join, scheme, corp up and...

Space Review May 7 2012

May. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector

Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:The Triway into Space Declaration---Space advocates often argue whether future exploration and commercialization efforts should focus on the Moon, Mars, or asteroids. Peter Kokh and Al Anzaldua explain why advocates for all three destinations should join forces to ensure appropriate funding for technologies that can be used to realize everyone's goals.

Jeff Foust on Planetary Resources

May. 5, 2012; By Charles Rector

URL:   Key paragraph:   Planetary Resources has lined up an all-star list of investors, including Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, the CEO and executive chairman, respectively, of Google; Ross Perot Jr., chairman of the Perot Group; and Charles Simonyi, the former Microsoft executive who flew to space twice as a customer of Space Adventures, another company established by Anderson and...

XCOR Press Release: Experimental Motorcycle

May. 5, 2012; By Charles Rector

PRESS RELEASEXCOR Contact:Mike MasseeXCOR AerospacePhone: (661) 824-4714 x127Email: []XCOR Aerospace Hits Route 66 With Experimental MotorcycleStreet bike used as platform to test propulsion parts for Lynx Suborbital VehicleMay 3, 2012, Mojave, CA: XCOR's innovative piston pump technology took a ride fromRoswell, NM to Mojave, CA in April 2012."We debated how best to put many hours of wear time on...

Codemasters DiRT Showdown Demo Press Release

May. 5, 2012; By Charles Rector

DiRT Showdown - Demo Out Now! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DiRT SHOWDOWN DOWNLOAD THE DEMO! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- XBOX 360 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PS3 --------------------------...

IG Game Center Newsletter April 24th, 2012

Apr. 29, 2012; By Charles Rector

IGGAMECENTER NEWSLETTERApril 24th 2012FREE MOMENTUM APP FOR iOSFor a limited time, the Momentum iPod/iPad application is free to download. Enjoy!NEW WEB GAME - CANNONCannon is a two-player game (invented in 2003 by David E. Whitcher) played on a board with 10 horizontal and 10 vertical lines. In the beginning, 10 dark and 15 light soldiers are placed on the intersections of these lines (each team color on specific intersections on...

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