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Alganon Newsletter April 2012

Apr. 29, 2012; By Charles Rector

 Alganon April Newsletter Expansion Pack Update Expansion Preview Double XP Weekend Special Offers About Alganon Greetings from the QOL dev team. Alganon Expansion Pack Update Due to unforeseen circumstances and the massive amount of work that our small team had to do on the expansion, after evaluation of the project, it was decided that more time was needed in order to do some critical bug fixes as well as to spend more time on certain...

This Week in the Space Review April 23rd, 2012

Apr. 29, 2012; By Charles Rector

Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:A shuttle's transfer in an agency's era of transition---Last week NASA formally delivered the space shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian, flying the orbiter to Washington to take the place of Enterprise. Jeff Foust reviews the events of that transfer, and how it stirred up some old feelings and concerns about the future of the space program. at...

Astrobotic Technology Scores new Contracts from NASA

Apr. 28, 2012; By Charles Rector

Astrobotic Technology Inc.April 23, 2012 Astrobotic leads commerciallunar exploration & developmentAstrobotic Technology and its partners at Carnegie Mellon University have been developing a multi-year multi-million dollar program of private-sector rovers for exploration, prospecting, science, and resource development.The company has won nine NASA lunar research contracts totaling $12 million....

Ancient History on the Internet

Apr. 28, 2012; By Charles Rector

URL for the Mithraeum website:   Facebook page for the Mithraeum:

Planetary Resources Founding Press Release

Apr. 28, 2012; By Charles Rector

Here it is from :       Planetary Resources, Inc. announced today its plan to mine Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) for raw materials, ranging from water to precious metals. Through the development of cost-effective exploration technologies, the company is poised to initiate prospecting missions targeting resource-rich asteroids that are easily accessible. Resource extraction from asteroids will...

Zach Walton on the Cutting Edge of Internet News

Apr. 26, 2012; By Charles Rector

One of the very best web writers about the Internet is Zach Walton of Web Pro News.  You can follow his lates  writings at this link:

Phil Plait on Planetary Resources

Apr. 26, 2012; By Charles Rector

Follow this link for Phil Plait's take on the new private space start-up Planetary Resources.  

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #28

Apr. 26, 2012; By Charles Rector

Dear Player,We hope this newsletter finds you well!SMR is proud to announce a new draft round has started, which is currently in the signup stage. The draft round is named Facing Worlds and the first pick will be going to Page.What's New/Changed?The new round will feature various changes to the game.One of the major changes is the port restock rate, which is being changed to have the restock rate of a good be dependent upon its level.A...

Becoming A Delegate To The National Libertarian Convention

Apr. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

Dear Friends of Liberty,   At its national convention May 2-6 in Las Vegas, the Libertarian Party will nominate its candidate for President of the United States.  As you know, Governor Gary Johnson is seeking that nomination – which will be decided by the delegates who are in attendance at the convention.If Governor Johnson earns the Libertarian nomination at the May convention, he will be on the November ballot in all...

Mika Kelly Press Releases

Apr. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

Mika Kelly is evidently a gaming PR person for something called Clever Communications.  Here are her  latest press releases for all sorts of gaming projects:     Download the video at   FIRST VIDEO LOOK AT DRAGONS VS. UNICORNS   Kittens With Mittens, Bats With Bombs, And More In This New Video Released By Digital Harmony Games    AUSTIN, TX....

FRAG! November 2011

Apr. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

Issue 123, November 2011"Most human beings are quite likeable if you do not see too much of them."   ~ Robert Wilson Lynd The November Editorial Introduction News Direct from the Frontlines of Shrapnel Games Trivia Time: 82nd Airborne – All American The Holiday Guide The Dice Of War: Star Trek: Fleet Captains Sizzling Sellers and Those Special Offers Link O' The Month The Crystal Ball FRAG! is Edited by Scott KrolTo manage...

Sylien Games News

Apr. 11, 2012; By Charles Rector

TRADEWARS® RISING NEWSLETTERApril 9th 2012LATEST BUG FIXESHere is a summary of the bug fixes done since the last newsletter was sent out: Team chat fix Correct display of Premium time left in profile Multitude scoreboard sorting fixes Fixed an issue where NPCs were able to flee combat by moving Arena games are now sorted from youngest to oldest for ease of discovery Facebook and Twitter buttons in Log are now one-step instead of 2 Fixed a...

Rick Santorum Bows Out

Apr. 11, 2012; By Charles Rector

The following is from the Rick Santorum email list.  For the record, Santorum was my guy and now it looks like the vapid Romney is going to be the nominee........yecch.     Thank you. For your support, for your encouragement, and for your prayers for our family, especially Bella. You may have heard that we were able to bring her home from the hospital last night. She has pneumonia, but like her Dad, she's a fighter. It's in the...

New Global Combat "Elements Games" Map

Apr. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector

This is a post relating to the game of Global Combat that you can find at:   A fan has recently put up a map on his website for the "Elements" games that can be confusing for new players especially since the "Game Manual" provides little help for these complex games.  This map show the directions of movement as well as the regions that a player must control to earn a bonus each turn.  This map is most...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #27

Apr. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector

Dear Player,We hope this newsletter finds you well!SMR is proud to announce a new round has started as of Saturday March 10th.Dendrite MadnessDescription: For years the four major powers of this universe have been fighting amongst themselves for control for the universe. After years of watching this war from the sidelines, the Racial Federations have joined together and pushed these once powerful forces back to their home galaxies. Their... Newsletter March 9 2012

Mar. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

March 9, 2012  NEW Radio Set: Fibber McGee and Molly - The Lost Episodes, Volume 14 What makes classic radio comedy? The best comedy writing perhaps for any radio program in history. Memorable, lovable characters. The banter and jokes that people all across the country tuned in for every week. And the best possible leads for a show about an endearing, quirky couple living in small town America. That is why listeners still become fans today...

The Space Review March 12 2012

Mar. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:Commercial crew in the spotlight---NASA's proposal to spend over $800 million in 2013 on its commercial crew program has raised concerns in Congress, including in two hearings last week. Jeff Foust reports on those congressional concerns and the responses from NASA and industry. sounds of distant thunder: American intelligence collection on the Soviet...

One Reason Why Buddy Roemer's Campaign Has Gone Nowhere

Mar. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

When former Louisiana congressman & governor Buddy Roemer threw his hat into the circle for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, a number of observers such as C-SPAN's Steve Scully, thought that he had real potential especially given the fact that he was running on a platform of campaign finance reform.  However, it has not worked out that way as Roemer's campaign has done so poorly that he was not even included in any of the...

More Trade Wars Rising/Sylien Games News

Mar. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector

TRADEWARS® RISING NEWSLETTERMarch 13th 2012NEW GAME REQUESTFrom now on, when you click PLAY on the game site, you will see a New Game Request section, which allows you to vote one which Ranked game you would like to see next. You can also see what choices the other players have made. You can cancel and change your vote at any time. One vote per player account. When the new game is created, the votes are wiped clean. This allows the...

Mitt Romney Strategy Room Invitation

Mar. 14, 2012; By Charles Rector

Charles - I wanted to email you personally to see if you might be able to help with our campaign's strategy room on Election Day - March 20th. We need a handful of people to help provide vital information to Mitt and his senior advisors who will be monitoring how everything is going in Illinois. There are a limited amount of volunteer positions on the "Strategy Room Team" -- so if you are interested, please fill out this form:...

Did Disney Blow "John Carter" Marketing?

Mar. 13, 2012; By Charles Rector

Sources of thought:   Have not seen the movie, but Hollywood has really blown marketing lately on a number of movies.  

Trade Wars Rising Giving Away 20 Free Pemium Days

Mar. 13, 2012; By Charles Rector

SYLIEN GAMES NEWSLETTERMarch 9th 2012GIVING AWAY 20 PREMIUM DAYSHere's the thing. Tradewars Rising has some brand new Facebook and Twitter pages and accounts and the game looks great and is really fun! We need more players, so here's the deal: Follow (Twitter) and Like (Facebook) all 4 of these pages regarding TWR and Sylien Games and I'll give you 20 Premium days on TWR. For more details, please look at the latest Update...

Ron Paul March 14th Illinois Town Hall Invitation

Mar. 13, 2012; By Charles Rector

From the Ron Paul for President E-Mail list:   Dear Charles,The March 20 Illinois Primary is fast approaching.That’s why I’m writing to personally invite you to join me for a town hall meeting I’m hosting in Illinois this Wednesday, March 14.And since many voters are still undecided, I’m counting on you to bring as many friends, family members, and neighbors with you as possible.You see, with the out-of-control...

John Carter in the News

Mar. 12, 2012; By Charles Rector

From IMDB News at :   After months upon months of box office speculation, John Carter finally opened and as expected was a huge disappointment.    How can you say that something that was "expected" was a "huge disappointment"?  Is not a "disappointment" something that was not expected?   At Ed...

How to Become a Delegate to the 2012 Libertarian National Convention

Feb. 3, 2012; By Charles Rector

Dear Friends of Liberty, As you know, on December 28, 2011 Governor Johnson announced his decision to run for President as a Libertarian.  The first critical step in that process is to earn the Libertarian Party’s nomination – and we are asking for your help to accomplish that. Go to GaryJohnson2012 and become a delegate for Gary at the nominating convention.Between now and the Libertarian Party’s national...

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