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Destiny a Players Paradise?

A lot of Gamers are miffed that the Halo franchise has not been further developed.  According to the November 2014 issue of Reason Magazine, the company behind Halo has a new game called Destiny that it claims is a libertarian player's paradise.  According to William Neff, the game world will be determined by "player actions" more than any developer's design plan.   What I'd like to know is just how much validity there is to this...

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Bentcorner on RavenCon Incident

An incident at the RavenCon recently was widely misreported by the online news media  as being that the publisher of the Ralph Retort behaved badly.  However, at Bentcorner it has been reported that RavenCon fabricated the whole thing just to please the infamous Social Justice Warrior, the man who calls himself a woman named "Brianna Spacekat Wu."

Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer is an unique online gaming news & resources website.  It focuses in on focus on obscure, or niche, games that  get less attention from other gaming news/resources websites.  It has an unusually strong journalistic ethics policy that has outlined for the users. Another aspect of Niche Gamer is the fact that it has been a steadfast supporter of GamerGate from the very beginning.  

Depression Quest

Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game.  Like so many others of its type, it has but limited playability and gets stale pretty fast after just a few times going through it.  If you like this kind of stuff, you may go for it.  However, if you're like myself, avoid it like the plague.  

Sorcerer's Place

Sorcerer's Place is a tremendous News & Resources website for fantasy RPG fans.  In addition to the gaming stuff, it also carries a great deal of material relating to fantasy books & DVD's.  There are  also blogs, chat rooms & a very well attended message board.  

Circle of Eight

Circle of Eight is a forum website that is dedicated to the stuff put out by Troika Games.  Of these, the most important game is Temple of Elemental Evil.  The forum includes extensive game-related information including how to modify the games for further enjoyment.


Candlekeep is a massive resources website for fans of the original Dungeons & Dragons as well as other games such as Baldur's Gate, Forgotten Realms,   Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Pools of Radiance & Tales of the Sword Coast.  Features include an extremely well attended forum. 

Bridge Base Online Still Going Strong

Back in 2005, an unassuming website devoted to the card game of Bridge was added to the original version of OMGN.  Today, Bridge Base Online is one of the most popular free card games websites on the Internet.  It also boasts a strong community with a heavily attended forum.  It also draws consistently high traffic ratings on Alexa.  

Original Gamer

Original Gamer is a website that has been around since 2009. It mostly covers games of a science fiction/fantasy nature.  It carries a wide variety of content. It was strongly supportive of GamerGate from the very beginning.  However, it has not run any new articles or podcasts about GG since January.O

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #49

Dear Players, Hidden far from the safety of the Federation lies a thriving trade economy, ripe with credits and hunters. Will you be brave enough to journey to these wealthy ports to make you fortune? Or will you become the menace to those that trade? Rumor has it that there are a few planets hidden in the far reaches as well... That's right, a new round is starting! Deep Space Colony (details here:

More on GamerGate and the Hugo Awards Nominations

Of all the mainstream media accounts of the victory of GamerGate-aligned science fiction fans in the Hugo Awards noninations over the Social Justice Warriors (SJW's), perhaps the very best one is by Katy Waldman from the Slate webzine.  It dissects the issues and the personalities in an informative albeit politically correct way.  Such is the lameness of the mainstream media nowadays that even a politically correct...

Cathy Young's Definition of Social Justice Warrior

Cathy Young's SJW Definition: I do have personal experience with the gamers' mortal enemies, the so-called "social justice warriors," to know they can be a highly toxic Internet presence. Those who voice their loathing of "the SJWs" are not simply talking about people sympathetic to socially progressive causes but about cultist zealots who enforce the party line with the fervor of Mao's Red Guards, though luckily without the real-life power. In...

GamerGate Comes to Science Fiction

In a stunning upset, the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) were defeated in the battle for the Hugo Award Nominations.  Every year, Science Fiction fans vote for who or what deserve to be nominated for the most prestigious awards in Science Fiction.  Subsequently, the folks who show up for the annual World Science Fiction Convention vote for who wins the actual awards.   Up to this year, the Hugo Awards process had been...

One Angry Gamer

If there is a website that could be fairly characterized as a pro "GamerGate" journalism endeavor, it is One Angry Gamer .  This is a blog based website that regularly delivers impassioned news directly relating to GamerGate as well as more conventional gaming news & views.  Definitely worth taking a look at. 

GoodGame Studios Flying High

The leading German online game company GoodGame Studios had a 160 increase in profits and is employing over 1,200 folks.  It main game is GoodGame Empire that this writer has been playing since mid-June 2014.  In this game this writer is the Leader of the SF USAF Tigers alliance.


Over the past several months, the protest movement known as "GamerGate" has rocked the gaming community.  This was a backlash against the shoddy practices of all too many gaming journalism outlets both in print and online.   However, the backlash really started before the GamerGate movement got going last summer.  For instance, gamers were increasingly creating their own blogs, websites and YouTube game review platforms.  One...

Scratch Magazine

Scratch Magazine at is a quarterly digital magazine that has gone through 6 issues. Unlike most efforts of this sort, Scratch requires that you pay a hefty $6 per issue up front.  This guarantees that there will be limited readership for its writers who likely don't get paid much for their efforts.

Revolution 60 Lackluster

Recently, I tried the free version of Revolution 60, a game that has gotten all sorts of favorable press. Perhaps all those favorable reviews heightened my expectations to unrealistic levels, but I found it to be pretty lackluster.  The game sports great artwork by noted sci-fi artist Frank Wu.  However, the playability is rather lacking and I found that after giving the free version a few spins, I did not want to ever play it again....

GameSlice Podcast

If you point your browser to , you will be able to access GameSlice, a regular podcast that describes itself as follows: Videogame host and producer Geoff Keighley sits down from a series of intimate conversations with the leaders, designers and influencers who are shaping the videogame industry. In what is both the one and only podcast in this series thus far, the subject is Valve and whether or not there...

Somethings Never Change

Ever since I first got into Massively Multi-Player Online Gaming in Solar Empire back in November 1999, I have continually encountered players who played the games as if they were solitaire players who just could not accept the idea that if you are on a team, you have to be a team player.  

Global Empire Down Again

During the time that OMGN's continued existence was pretty much null and void, other gaming websites were also having problems.  One such is the long running free Risk like game Global Empire at  It is now down again for the 3rd time this month alone.  One wonders how long the player base is going to stick around.

OMGN Not Shutting Down

Just an FYI folks! Contrary to previous reports, we're not shutting down OMGN at this time. We're exploring making some changes, so stay tuned!

OMGN Shutting Down

I'd like to thank Mr. Robert F. Ludwick or DarkFlare (DF) as he was known in online gaming back in November 1999 when I first met him in Solar Empire in the Trex Mercenaries multi-game clan for creating OMGN.  Now that OMGN is going by the wayside, I'd like to suggest a sequel.  Ever since the suite was created in 2002, there has been an explosion in the number of gaming directories and other news/resources covering the broad range of...

Farm Hack

Have you ever wondered how today's farmers are coping with today's high technology and its impact on modern agriculture?  Well, there is now a website called Farm Hack at that is designed for meeting the needs of farmers and others in using high tech to boost American agriculture.

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