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For far too long, I've been recharging my batteries and now I'm returning for good gaming related stuff for all your reading pleasure.

Return of Kings

Return of Kings is a gamers community devoted to manliness and manly values.

Grid 2 Free Demo Out Now

View as text - Show Raw MessageShow full header © 2013 The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters"). All rights reserved. "Codemasters"®, "Ego"®, the Codemasters logo and "GRID"® are registered trademarks owned by Codemasters. "GRID 2"™, "Codemasters Racing"™ and "RaceNet"™ are trademarks of Codemasters. All other copyrights or trademarks are the property of their respective...

New VGA Planets Games Up at Circus Maximus

Message________________________________________________________________________1. 4 New Games Accepting Players at    Posted by: "syythlord" syythlord    Date: Thu Nov 7, 2013 4:35 pm ((PST))Brass Tacks 16 ==============Brass Tacks 16 is basic default VGAP game, using PHost + TList1.1 shiplist. Game runs 3x week until turn 25, then 2x week or when all turns are in. Highest score at...

Code of Conflict Introduction/Rules

From: Introduction to Code of Conflict×What is Code of Conflict you ask?Code of Conflict (COC for short) is a massively multiplayer browser based online game. What this means is that you don't need to download anything, you can just signup and start playing. The aim of the game is to become rich, powerful and most importantly respected and feared. There are many paths you can follow to achieve this,...

Debonair Facial Hair

Debonair Facial Hair is out now on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android! Debonair Facial Hair is a BAFTA-winning fast paced 2D action arcade game. You take the role of an apprentice barber training under the supervision of the legendary stylist Mr Montgomery in his barber shop Debonair Facial Hair. You are tasked with styling the moustaches of the rather eccentric residents of Stashton Upon Sea in your quest to gain the elusive title of Moustache...

Golemizer is Kaput

From: : Golemizer 2008-2012Thanks to all who believed.Maybe we'll meet again someday ...

Black Genocide

Black Genocide at is a website devoted to the idea that legalized abortion unduly hurts the black population and was conceived to keep the numbers of black folks down by white racists.


Although it has been in operation since 2001 NukeZone at is still alive and well.  Here is the game's self-description: NukeZone is a strategic text-based game played on the web directly through your browser - no downloads are necessary. With over 30,000 players, NukeZone is one of the largest web games available. Featuring real-time team-orientated gaming, NukeZone can also be played as...

6th Annual Tunnels & Trolls Convention

INFO ON THE FOURTH ANNUAL T&T CONVENTION This page last changed August 10, 2013 The Sixth Annual T&T Convention was July 26-28, 2013 in Scottsdale Arizona. Next year's convention will be sometime in July. Festivities will start with a poker game at 7pm Thursday night. Please email me at rick (at) flying buffalo dot com to let me know you are coming to the poker game, so we'll be sure and have room for you. It's a small stakes (5 cent...

PimpFights News has the following news: Jan 13, 2013Thug killa round signs ups are up.. the only way to win is to kill those thugs. if you dont kill thugs then you WILL NOT win. Ranking wont cut it this round..Have an idea for a round? hit up wraith in game, if I like your idea and use it i will give you the credit transfer for the round or you can have half of the transfer put in your master account for a rainy dayJan 10,...

Extreme Mob Wars

Extreme Mob Wars at is a true survivor.  This free browser based RPG has stayed in operation even though so many other Mafia themed games have gone by the wayside.

New Isue of the New Improved Gorelets Goreletter

Happy Halloween!Welcome to the NEW Goreletter!Thank you for being a long-time subscriber to The Goreletter. Now that a decade has passed, I have decided it is time for an overhaul. I've moved my author's newsletter to a new server dedicated exclusively to email, which allows for more options, higher security and a fresh and varied graphical appearance. I will also make a few substantial changes to how I have approached The Goreletter over...

Void Patrol

From the front page: Space Wing: Void PatrolVoid Patrol is a game of dogfights between space fighters, played on a hex map with simultaneous moves. The battles take place in asteroid fields (you have several different fields to choose from). The game features original movement rules, and a simple and user-friendly interface. We have four game levels: simple, standard,advanced, and ...

The Five Pillars is Dead

From: : Welcome to The Five Pillars Multiplayer Online game's site     The game has currently been shut down due to time and lack of interest. Feel free to visit the The Five Pillars Forum or our Facebook Page to check out the latest news.

From the Vast Universe Dying Sun Project Chat Room [21:15:05] fabibz: nit sure if it's a good way to keep it clean[21:16:20] dragon_balzl87:[21:16:31] dragon_balzl87: think they could have reworded that headline a little better[21:18:59] fabibz: they will add something like without animals[21:22:49] fabibz: funny astronomics[23:45:43] DNBStriker: Hey dragon[23:53:20] ...

New Worlds Project is being "Rebooted"

From: : We're rebooting! New Worlds Project is 10 years old and we felt it was time for a make-over. From gameplay, to a new site, check out what's in store with the New Worlds Project Reboot: Starting 28 September 2013. November 2013 - the reboot's completed and we'll be back in action! 

Web Grognards is the website for Web-Grognards that is the main website for wargamers of all stripes since 1995.  Like all too many other wargame-related websites, WG is British.  It covers all kinds of wargames both offline and online.  

Press Release: Democracy 3

Positech Games, developers of Gratuitous Space Battles, Are happy to announce that our hardcore political strategy game 'Democracy 3' is now released for PC, Mac and Linux, and available on steam and GoG! Democracy 3 is the third in the series of complex and deep political strategy games where the player takes on the role of President or Prime Minister, charged with the task of keeping the population happy, the economy...

RPG News

RPG News at is a regularly updated website specializing in news concerning RPG's.

Flying Buffalo

Flying Buffalo at has been the nation's leading purveyor of Play By Mail (PBM) games since 1970 as well as Role Playing Games (RPG's) of all sorts.  

You will find the full media kit here: and the trailer here:     Create Halloween carnage with Naughty Boy’s horror mode!   Face All The Bestiary of Horror Classics in the Special Halloween-themed version of Heliceum’s Latest mobile release: “Naughty Boy”   Paris, October 24th 2013 - Heliceum, a start-up company specialized in...

Play by Email (PBeM) & Play by Mail (PBM) List Index Where you ccan access the Play by Email (PBeM) & Play by Mail (PBM) List Index and discover the world of Play By E-Mail games.

Lords of Conquest

Lords of Conquest at is a maker/operator of free Play By E-Mail games or PBEM's.  There games include such outstanding efforts as Galactic Warlords, Medieval Warlords, Dragonlorda & Napoleonic Empires.

Knights of Noblermen is All Scewed Up

Knights of Noblemen at is completely messed up and may not even be a functional game.   It asked me for my email address and when I entered it, it said: Sorry, it looks like we couldn't validate your email address. Please go back and check spelling, especially on the part after the @.   The part after the @ sign?  And now, it never sent me a validation email either.

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