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Movie Review Rough Draft: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

  This is a rough draft of a review that will be posted in final form in Sept. along with a review of Fast Five.     Of all the movies that constitute the Fast and the Furious series, the third installment entitled “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” is the single best one. Whether or not that is much in the line of praise is squarely in the eye of the beholder. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift opens with a...

OMGN Release Notes: to

Well folks, chances are you're here thanks to the announcement that we've expanded coverage to movies as well. I'm here to tell you about all of the awesomeness that has happened here at OMGN since my last update. That puts us starting at release! Movies! Alright, obviously the big addition to the site right now are movies. They have the same status as games here, where we can add movie stills just like game screenshots. We can review...


JTermyWy's Blog; Aug. 4, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

Effectively immediately, I will no longer be blogging on this service, as I am no longer a member of staff with OMGN. It's been a great service working with the staff here.

Chrono Trigger DS

To many of you out there, you'd have no idea what the game is like, based on or what type of game it is. Well let me tell you now, you're missing out! The game was developed originally for the SNES in 1995 where it didn't sell too well in the EU. Which might be why they didn't sell Chrono Cross (sequel) to the EU, and made it NA and JAP exclusive. So, moving on - the game was developed by Squaresoft (now sad to say Square Enix) as you'd probably...

Web-Grognards Added to OMGN Resources Directory

Web-Grognards at  is a leading website covering the world of wargames, of all varieties.  This includes computer/internet games.  Given its centrality to the wargaming scene, it has been added to the OMGN Resources Directory.

X-Men: First Class (2011) Movie Review Rough Draft

Please comment on the following.  A revised version of this review will run on FlickZone at when the DVD comes out.   X-Men: First Class is an attempt to resuscitate the fortunes of the sagging X-Men movie franchise.  However, instead of adding a new sequel to the series, the producers decided to instead create a new series of X-Men flicks.  In other words, X-Men: First Class is really a...

Scorching Shrapnel Games Summer Sale

From the folks at Shrapnel Games :     Eight Games For Eight DaysScorching Shrapnel Games Summer Sale Starts Now!Eight days that will shake the world! Join Shrapnel Games as weunleash a very special summer sale, a sale designed to free you fromthe confines of your false reality! Pierce the veil and bathe in thewombs of the eight worlds before you. Spit upon the mundane, bind themonotonous, and lust for that...

B Movies to be Featured at 2011 B Movie Celebration

THE B MOVIE CELEBRATION44 North Jackson StreetFranklin, Indiana 46131 We are very pleased to present this year’s B Movie Celebration line-up. Unlike other years we have purposefully sought out new works and world premieres. As well we have discovered numerous sources of 35mm prints. Where possible we will present the film in its original method, ideally 35mm. As well many of the films will be presented by the filmmaker themselves. Each...

New Trade Wars Rising Game Starting Up

SYLIEN GAMES SPECIAL EVENT July 15th 2011 NEW TRADEWARS RISING GAME EVENT – GAME START JOIN THE GAME NOW! To find out more details about this game's setup, click HERE Good luck and have fun! STAYING IN TOUCH Often we leave hints and other more up to date news directly on the Tradewars® Rising website, so visit it often to stay up to date. Invite your Facebook Friends to play Tradewars® Rising. To keep well... Newsletter - July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011The Latest News from!* New Digital Downloads Now Available* New Podcast Features the Creators of "Python Isle"* Coming Soon: Doc Savage in "White Eyes" * Spotlight on The SpiderNew Digital Downloads Now AvailableFor well over a decade, has been known for the amazing audio quality of our classic radio compact disc collections - and it's no wonder. We insist upon finding the...

Blast From the Past: Earth: 2025 Review

As some of you are aware, the pioneering Browser-Based strategy game Earth: 2025 went out of business some time ago.  However, just for the sake of nostalgia, I thought that it would be fun to run the review that I wrote up about Earth: 2025 back in 2004 that was published on the original version of OMGN at:     Earth: 2025 was one of the first browser-based games and certainly the...

Jeff Bardell

If you point your browser to the following address, School&TitleNM= you will find the official biography of one of my best friends from my days growing up at Platteville, WI:   Jeff Bardell serves as the physical education instructor at the Urbana- Center Point Middle School. Prior to becoming the physical education...

What Games Do You Want to See Interviewed About at OMGN?

Soon, I'll be sending out E-Mail interview invitations to game operators about doing E-Mail interviews to be run right here at OMGN under the Features heading.  Do you have any favorite games that you would like to see interviews about?  If so, please state your choice in a comment to this blog. 

Starminer Still Allegedly Under Development

Several years ago when the creator of the online game Space Empires sold it to the folks at Skotos who renamed it Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, he promised that he would be devoting his time to creating a new game called Starminer at .   Since then, the content at has consisted of exactly this: Not much to see here yet.   The fact that the URL has stayed in existence can be...

Of MPOGD and Castle Empire

As some of you may be aware, there is a website called MPOGD that pretends to do a bang up job of reporting online gaming news.  Well, if that's the case, why have they not followed this blog's lead in reporting on the existence of the free to play Ubisoft game Castle Empire at that is currently under development?   Inquiring minds want to know......................

World of Tanks

If you point your browser to you will find a most interesting looking  free to play MMORPG.  Playing games such as this helps put pressure on the big game companies to make more free games as well as offer free levels to pay to play games.   Remember what they say about the best things in life are free.  

The University of Sewer Carolina: Introduction

This is the first post in what may or may not become a regular series on this weblog concerning the worst school year of my life:   1996-1997 at what was then known as the College of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. I chose to go to the place that I have since come to call the University of Sewer Carolina in large part due to consumer fraud practiced by university recruiters.First of all,...

Castle Zierath of the Conceited Creeps

The following is the first in a series of intermittent posts concerning my experiences in Platteville, Wisconsin, where I spent my formative years, 1967-1984, and some of the folks who I interacted with some of whom can be found on the Web.   If you point your browser to you will find Castle Zierath, home of a pretentious twerp who calls himself Lord Zierath even though his name is really Scott. ...

More About Castle Empire

Here are some more interesting facts that I've been able to dredge up about the forthcoming free to play  online game from Ubisoft, Castle Empire at :   The game is being developed for Ubisoft by a German outfit called Blue Byte that has made previous games for Ubisoft.   Ubisoft has other free to play online games such as Ghost Recon Online, Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms and...

Alganon Newsletter July, 2011

 Alganon July Newsletter Alganon Expands To Europe Limited Free Transfer Period Upcoming Events Special Offers About Alganon Greetings from the QOL dev team. Alganon Expands To Europe Today we launched the Aeon Alganon server, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We're pleased to offer this new server, centrally located in Western Europe for the convenience of our players in the EU. This server can be accessed through the Europe tab on the...

The Escapist Added to OMGN Resources Directory

The Escapist at which is a leading webzine dedicated to covering big sotre-bought games has just been added to OMGN's Recources Directory.

The Space Review

The absolute best webzine covering space exploration and related topics is The Space Review at

BattleField Nation Shut Down

BattleField Nation at that had been the the leading news & resources website devoted to the Battlefield series of games that began with BattleField 1942 has just been shut down.   From the website:   Hi, BF Nation has been shut down for now. We should be back with a community forum again soon. - Rexxars   

Castle Empire: New Free BBG in the Making From Ubisoft

Check it out:   Whenever a big gaming company like Ubisoft puts its resources behind a free browser-based game, its a pretty big deal.     Here's how the game website describes it:   Build your own empire with over 40 types of buildings Produce goods to trade by managing resources Explore the wild and conquer new lands   Battle foes with 9 unique military units Connect with...

Stellar Crisis Smarmy Purgatory Strategy Guide Now Available

One of the variants within the long running BBG Stellar Crisis that has been around since the very early days of the Web, is known as "Smarmy Purgatory."  Recently, Eric Robinson aka Chasmys, a long time player of SC has undertaken a strategy guide that you can access here:

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