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PurrVersatility , a blog by Miss Kitty Stryker gives you a dose of the really extreme Social Justice Warrior viewpoint including her belief that the Charlie Hebdo massacre was justified given the alleged fact that the French satirical sheet was "racist."

The Independent Game Source

The Independent Game Source is a website that bills itself as "community of independent game developers and players."

Greg Costikyan

Back in 1980, a then 21 year old named Greg Costikyan became the gaming columnist for Fantastic Stories that was edited by Elinor Mavor and published by Arthur Bernhard's Ultimate Publishing Company.  Alas and alack, the magazine folded at year's end, capping a 28 year run as the world's foremost fantasy magazine. However, Greg Costikyan is still alive and well and deeply involved in gaming as a consultant, designer and...

Eve News24

Eve News24 is a News & Resources website for Eve Online that reports on in-game events as if they were real life goings on.

Jack L. Knapp's Blog

Jack L. Knapp's Blog is the Internet home of up and coming science fiction writer who is also a supporter of Bernard Sanders for President.

Faith and Fantasy

The Faith and Fantasy Alliance is an organization of religious fantasy fans.

Speculative Faith

Speculative Faith is a website focusing on Religion and Science Fiction.

Pedestrian Observations

Pedestrian Observations is a blog by Alon Levy that focuses on transportation issues.

Press Release: License Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond

From:  The Devil's Exercise Yard : Here is the official news release:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEChiZine Publications to Publish Unauthorized James Bond AnthologyTORONTO, Ontario (January 19, 2015) — Independent Toronto publisher ChiZine Publications announces they will be publishing a new anthology of short stories featuring James Bond now that Ian Fleming’s work has entered the public domain in Canada. The anthology, titled ...

Brutal Gamer

Brutal Gamer is a news blog focusing on violent video games.

Final Girl

Final Girl is the horror movie blog of Stacie Ponder who continually shows her encyclopedic knowledge of cinematic scary flicks.

What Not to Submit to Lit Mag Editors

Nathaniel Tower of the long running lit mag  Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine is fed up with all the cliche ridden submissions that he gets.  In a guest editorial at freeze frame fiction, he lays out all these cliches and what's wrong with them.  A must read for all aspiring authors.

Aporia Customs

Aporia Customs is a leading company in customizing console controllers to fit the colors and design of its customers.


Chaosium is a leading gaming company that has been in business since 1975.  Its position has been enhanced by return of two legendary staff members from its golden past, Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford.

Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming is the current leader in eSports where players and teams compete for cash prizes.

Game On Snacks

Game On Snacks is an online store that sells bacon & beef jerky that it claims are superior snacks for gamers.


According to an article in today's issue of the Northwest Herald, GamerCrates is one of the hottest things going on in the  online gaming industry right now.

Bent Corner

Bent Corner is a blog by Richard Rottman of Hagerstown, Maryland.  It covers a wide variety of topics, although its best coverage is of computer technology and online gaming.

Game By Night

Game By Night is an outstanding blog focusing on Massively Multi-Player Online Games.  Only real problem is that the blogger does not write too often, only about once a month or so.  This is definitely a case in which class is more important than mass.

Promoting Global Combat

Here's an idea on how to advertise Global Combat better:  Do a CoolText Blog posting.  Since it would be the first blog posting in 2 1/2 years, it would gain widespread attention.

Albion Online

Albion Online is a fairly new online game that concerns warfare in medieval England. 

Unqualified Reservatios

Unqualified Reservations is the blog of one Curtis Yarvin who writes under the name of "Mencius Moldbug."  These are self-described "neoreactionary" postings and as such are highly interesting.  If you want to offend the easily offended politically correct types in your neighborhood, then reading from this blog is one sure way to do so.

The Strange Case of Curtis Yarvin

Source: An otherwise obscure engineer named Curtis Yarvin was recently banned from the program of a tech conference for reasons that had nothing to do with his scheduled presentation.  What happened was that some Social Justice Warrior types had found this Yarvin guy's political blog and  decided that anyone...

GamerGate is Over

No matter how you approach it or define it, its pretty clear that GamerGate is all over with.  In its wake is an altered online gaming news media landscape.  Most of the gaming press websites have adopted standards of conduct.  There are many new websites that cover gaming from a gamer's perspective, not from a corrupt standpoint. Granted, its always possible that a gaming press website will slide back into doing things the bad...

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As you probably could tell, I have not been active lately.  My computer broke down and I had to get a new one.  Hopefully, I can make up for the lost time.

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