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Chrono Trigger DS

misterfruitcake's Blog; Aug. 3, 2011; By Jordan Davis
Type: Review

To many of you out there, you'd have no idea what the game is like, based on or what type of game it is. Well let me tell you now, you're missing out! The game was developed originally for the SNES in 1995 where it didn't sell too well in the EU. Which might be why they didn't sell Chrono Cross (sequel) to the EU, and made it NA and JAP exclusive.

So, moving on - the game was developed by Squaresoft (now sad to say Square Enix) as you'd probably know them for their works on the Final Fantasy franchise and often or not some spin off game like Blue Dragon as some sort of money cow. This however, isn't.

You play as Crono, a young boy who lives in the year 1000AD with his mother and has a best friend who lives down the road called Luca. As the game starts,  you're awoken by the sounds of the fair bells and requested by your mum to go meet your friend Luca. From here on, the game hasn't settled a premise until you meet the young Marle. A young girl, with a tomboyish attitude and a love for life. Things are turned on its head as you're accidentally responsible for sending this young girl 400 years into the past, and its your duty to save her. As you're sent back, Crono is faced with reaching into the unknown and testing whether he really did pay any attention in history lessons at school. As you're launched into the middle ages, you're located in a desolate forest where you instantly realise what sort of game you're playing. The game's fighting style consists of a turn based action moves. They are however times, like in final fantasy where if you're idle you'll get your ass handed to you on a platter. Besides the fighting style, the game sets itself apart from any other RPG, as you're not ever set into the unkown - you're never walking along some cave when all of a sudden some bastard jumps you and you were totally unprepared for that. Instead, you can plainly see who you're coming up against and choose whether to sidle passed them, or to rake up the exp.

As you continue, you realise that the game actually sends you on rollercoaster of an adventure as you're sent from the past, into the far and bleak future. On your way through these times, from as far as 65,000,000BC - 2300AD you realise that Crono and Co. are set up against one of the deadliest threats to mankind. Lavos. A creature who's been sat in the crust for million of years absorbing the earth's energy to only unleash it on humankind.

As the gameplay unfolds, it is a fairly linear set up. You can however, unlike any other game - decide when you want to go up against this bad man from hell. So it's normally better to stick with the story before you plunge into darkness! Like a Peter Molyneaux attribute, some of your actions can effect your crew, for instance - you might end up killing one of them, or perhaps missing one out all together. So some actions have a concequence!

As this game is a remake of the original on the SNES, nothing much is made of the graphics. The graphics still remain with 16bit theme and 16bit music. One thing that really sets itself apart from the original however, is the cut-scenes. Every now and again, you realise that a 16bit cinematic action scene isn't nearly as dramatic as DragonBall Z - esque art style.

If it's drama you're looking for in a story then Chrono Trigger is definitely the game for you. Whether you're looking for that excitement or not, it appeals to all sorts of spectrums as it broadens to the RPG lovers, and adrenaline pumped action seekers.


Gameplay: The gameplay is very flucid, and in contrast to other RPGs you're not jumped every two minutes when you're in a cave. The fight scenes are easily adaptable and you get a sense of thrill as you progress and make the team mould. Which is why I award a 9.

Graphics: I would like to say I'd give it a 10, but being a dated game I hardly think it's fair to judge it on whether it impeds your experience of the game. So, I'll have to play fair and say 8, if you're taking into consideration of time and standards.

Story: The story take leaps and turns. One moment you think they're the perpetrator, when it turns out its not. After one drama affair to another, the game offers a lot of story, so I award the story a very handsome 10.

Overall: As one of my favourite RPGs, I'll happily say that this game is perfect. I must however say otherwise. While the premise and action is nicely choreographed, I have to share concerns and show the negatives as well as positives. I'll give the downer on this, is that the bosses and enemies are far too easy. If you're looking for challenge, unfortunately the enemies is far too easy. However, I must admit there are times on what to do next is often cropped up. It feels as if it's a game of the blind leading the blind. I don't mind the odd puzzle game, however I don't like going into the woods without a compass and a map. Which then concludes me with the score of an 8.

Score: 35/40

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