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OMGN User Blogs Launched!

Gamer of Darqness; Jun. 19, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: Editorial

Undoubtedly, since you're reading this, you're aware that OMGN recently launched user blogs. Now that I have a spot here on OMGN that will allow me to be more personal, I'm planning on using this to be able to get a little more personal when I want to post things here on OMGN.

See, the user blogs system poses two good things for me personally. In this new revamp of OMGN, we're trying to build ourselves to be as professional as possible. That means we can't get as genial or conversational as we may like on random video game subjects. User blogs helps us OMGN staffers write a bit more personally here on the site.

The second upside to having user blogs here is that it allows you, our readers and community, to have a spot to post your video game thoughts and content yourselves and have it appear here on OMGN for all to see. No need to setup your own blog on some virtual host anywhere. All you need to use our user blogging system is to have an account! You don't even have to give your blog a title if you don't want to. By simply having an account, you can immediately start blogging here at OMGN.

We hope you find this new user blog system useful and informative. I know I'm planning on using it here and there, like now.

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