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Gamer of Darqness; Jun. 28, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: Thoughts

While you may not see it publicly on the site, OMGN's been keeping me busy lately behind the scenes. While I'm seemingly the top guy around here when it comes to writing (and that's a mantle I'll be glad to give up), I've also got a number of other hats I wear for OMGN.

For one, I'm the end-all-be-all for the website. I do the design work, the coding and the database programming. OMGN is hosted on the DarqFlare Enterprises server, a server I own, built and personally maintain. Another thing I do here is coordinate people and efforts. Since we're still booting ourselves up and trying to get a solid staff in place, I'm doing a lot of staff-related things that you normally wouldn't see a publisher doing. And as I said before, I'm doing a lot of writing here on the website as well.

One article I'm currently working on is a Final Fantasy XIII review (via the Xbox 360). It's a long game and I don't want to just play it for a few hours and push in a review. I want to get as much of the game under my belt until I feel that I know the game very well and can assess a proper review of it. Sure, my review will be coming out much later than the game came out, but it will be a holistic review and reviewed at the pace that most gamers play a game: slowly and in their off-time.

But what about other things around here at OMGN? I've got some new things brewing for the site that I plan on releasing soon, for instance:

  • Preview function for blog posts that are either not visible or set to a future display date
  • Double-check on blog post being set to visible if the display date is set in the past
  • The same double-check for us admins (phew!)
  • A fix for inserting images into blog posts
  • An option to generate a new slug (URL-friendly blog title) for blog posts; this is in case you change the blog post title and want the URL to your post to better reflect the new title
  • More on the user details page
  • Form autofocuses
  • And more!

Lots of blog-centric things in there, simply because I'd like to spur all of you on to start blogging about video games here at OMGN. I'm interested to know what you all think!

Oh, and one more feature that I know a lot of you want - forums. It won't make it into my next release, but it's on my radar.

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