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Guild Warehouse Unveiled!

Gamer of Darqness; Jun. 30, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News

Dragon's Call just popped out a new guild warehouse feature. Their press release to follow.

A little more info about the highly anticipated upcoming DC Expansion is finally unveiled – Guild Warehouse. And fortunately, it’s even attached with some screenshots. Since the first brief intro about the Guild System was released, many DC fans have been expecting more detailed info, but the DC Expansion has been delayed for quite a long time. Today, the Dev Team suddenly stopped polishing this mysterious Expansion and decided to publish it to the world. (Might be related to some of their favorite teams’ wins on the world cup Africa, who knows.) Furthermore, a few screenshots from the test server were exposed, too. Read on to find out more.

Guild Warehouse

When a guild is founded, it will have a shared warehouse where items and equipment can be deposited. All guild members can use their personal guild contribution points to exchange for items in the warehouse, but only the guild leader and vice leaders are qualified to set the required contribution points.

Open the Guild panel and click the “Guild Warehouse” button. There are 5 default slots in the guild warehouse at first. Players can enlarge the guild warehouse by clicking the “+Enlarge” button.

All guild members are able to deposit items, but only the guild leader and vice leaders have the right to manage the guild warehouse, for example, withdraw items, enlarge the warehouse, sell items, show items, set prices and so on. Guild members can show items in the warehouse, as well.

The Set Price function allows the guild leader and vice leaders to set the contribution points an item is worth, and guild members can exchange for it with the use of their contribution points.

The items in guild warehouse will display their names, attributes and other basic info. Additionally, their required contribution points and donators will also be shown, but only guild members can see such info.

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