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Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict v1.02 patch

Gamer of Darqness; Jun. 30, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News's new v1.02 patch is available. More information in the following press release

The highly anticipated first patch for Furysoftware's Strategic Command WW2 Global Theater, v1.02 is here! More than a hundred improvements, fixes and tweaks to both the game engine as well as the editor - many based on feedback from the fan community forums and email - make this one of the biggest patches for one of the biggest grand strategy games out there. The biggest changes are of course improved AI and turn speed, but there are also new Submarine and Destroyer rules for better handling of surprise enemy contact, diving and naval combat as well as new Fighter interception modeling with double intercepts of enemy Bombers and Tactical Bombers.

Please note, this is a PATCH for the game and will only work for the English language version of Strategic Command WWII Global Theater. This patch will not work with any non-English or non-Battlefront (retail) version of Strategic Command WWII Global Theater at this time.


Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with v1.02. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.


 If you play the game and notice unplayably slow map scroll speeds and unit selection time, then please activate the "Video Acceleration" option from inside the Settings panel. That option will use a different method to handle graphics and should put your game performance back to regular levels. If you have never noticed any extreme game slowness, you can leave this option set to OFF.


This new game patch includes the optional install of a new, and we think, exciting tool. This tool seamlessly attaches to your internet browser (currently Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox supported) and gives you instant access to game news, patches, demos, chat channel as well as other popular browser toolbar *gadgets* such as realtime weather reports (unique to your hometown!), a spell checker and pop-up blocker. Fully user configurable and expandable, your new Community toolbar unlocks the full potential of your internet browser to keep you connected with the ever-growing world of games and resources! You can find more details on this new free utility here:

Downloads (~25MB):




  • fixed a BELLIGERENCE error that did not trigger the applicable MOBILIZATION scripts (Al)
  • fixed a #VARIABLE_CONDITION error for RESOURCE scripts (Cantona66)
  • fixed an AI Paratroop movement error that allowed for double moves on some occasions (Armuss)
  • fixed an AI surprise contact issue during reorganization that may lead to combat with non belligerent nations (Vypuero)
  • fixed an Indutrial value display error over the right hand side major flags (Wushuki)
  • fixed a BELLIGERENCE event crash error (Xwormwood)
  • fixed a Fog of War spotting error that was seen to occur in Egypt (Armuss, Gronq)
  • fixed a unit/territory issue when nations are split like Poland where sometimes units were trappe d behind on enemy lines (Fred19)
  • fixed an adjacent port control error that would have ships gain control of ports without land units adjacent to them, this was incorrect behaviour (Xwormwood)
  • fixed a RESOURCE Anti-Air tech error that would see an occupier lose its investments in enemy cities once the territory completely surrendered (Xwormwood)
  • fixed an AI air unit movement error that would have air units sometimes move to an enemy tile (Gunnar)
  • fixed a resource bombing reporting issue that was not reporting enemy losses in all cases when the resource was fully visible (Armuss)
  • fixed a resource bombing reporting issue that did not report enemy losses due to Fighter, Tactical Bomber, Artillery or Carrier attacks (Armuss)
  • fixed an AI Anti-Aircraft defensive strike error (Canada1)
  • fixed a Ctrl-Q error during AI replay turns (Aaron)
  • fixed a Carrier/Fighter combat results error when these units have applicable research levels a pplied (Wushuki, U8led)
  • fixed a Convoy reporting error in the Details dialog (Pzgndr)
  • fixed a Network turn error that caused a crash during replay animation (Starpit)
  • fixed a resource AA level display error in the 'Properties' dialog
  • fixed a convoy reporting error in the Convoys/MPPs dialog
  • fixed a supply and action point error for friendly countries that join the war at the beginning of your turn (Gunnar)
  • fixed a resource MPP calculation error for minor nations surrendered to majors that are not yet fully mobilized (Nupremal)
  • fixed an EMAIL replay error regarding units that arrive at the beginning of your turn via DECISION event (Gunnar, Alexandre)
  • fixed a unit arrival error via LOOP scripts (Rhino)
  • hidden Subs no longer initiate a surprise contact 'attack' when a Destroyer bumps into them regardless of sub mode, i.e. now the Destroyer will have the option to attack or not (Bluestew)
  • hidden Subs w ill no longer initiate surprise contact against enemy naval units (except Destroyers) when in 'Silent' mode unless an enemy naval unit ends their movement adjacent to a hidden Sub, in which case the naval unit will have the option to attack or not (Gunnar, Bill R.)
  • subs that dive now automatically change to 'Silent' mode
  • naval units can now pass through Land + Sea passageways without action point penalty (ludi1867)
  • naval units no longer suffer action point penalties due to coastal rain/fog, snow or sandstorms (ludi1867)
  • naval units that are caught in sea ice are no longer stuck and can now move with an AP=1 (ludi1867)
  • land units can now attack naval units that are in Land + Sea passageway tiles (xwormwood)
  • enemy units will no longer show their attainable research levels in the 'Properties' window under FoW even if they are full visible (Nupremal)
  • save game dialog now allows you to select files in the list to automatically change the file name for saving, i.e. this way you can easily overwrite previously used filenames (Borsook)
  • improved AI Submarine raiding and evasion routines (Armuss)
  • improved AI Bomber and Rocket attack routines towards resource targets (Pzgndr)
  • improved AI air unit reorganization towards AI PLAN targets
  • improved AI anti-raider routines so that the AI will now also only chase after raiders reported at sea and no longer zero in on raiders on convoy lanes, spotted or not


  • fixed a German PURCHASE script error for 1943 that only had subs being researched at 1% instead of 10% (Armuss)
  • fixed several minor AI scripting issues for GARRISON, FLEET and OFFENSIVE scripts (Armuss)
  • fixed an Axis OFFENSIVE script error for the Fall of France that only occured when India joined the Allies early
  • fixed a Warsaw capital bug for the 1942 and 1943 campaigns (Robert C.)
  • fixed a n Export Dates error (Bill R.)
  • fixed a Franco STRENGTH event linked to DE 503 (Alexandre)
  • added several Axis AI DIPLOMACY events for Spain and Sweden (Armuss)
  • added Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk as Industrial Centers for the USSR (Gunnar)
  • added real Partisans at Lanchow, Yumen, Chungking and Yenan (Gunnar)
  • added survivor Corps from Yumen, Yenan and Lanchow that reform and arrive in Urumchi once these cities fall to the Axis (Gunnar)
  • added DE 114 allowing the SOE to invest funds into partisan/resistance activity in occupied Europe, including Warsaw uprising and others (Bill R.)
  • added DE 307 allowing the US to send Chennault to China along with the 14th AF (Alexandre)
  • added a Tactical Bomber to the Soviet P/Q to arrive in late summer 1943 (Gunnar)
  • added a Fighter to the Soviet P/Q to arrive in late summer 1941 (Colin I)
  • added a Fighter unit to arrive via UNIT script at Irkutsk if the Japanese attack and capture ei ther Borzya, Khabarovsk, Vladivostock, Khabarovsk or Chita (Gunnar)
  • added several MOBILIZATION#1 events to handle Axis attacks on Vichy territories as well as Malaya (Gunnar)
  • added an 'Intercept' field for Figthers and Carriers for their Combat Target Data with Fighters now having 2 intercepts for applicable enemy aircraft
  • added Quebec and Vancouver as Industrial Centers for Canada as these are needed if the UK transfers its capital to Canada (Tom)
  • added Melbourne as an Industrial Center to Australia as this is needed if the UK transfers its capital to Australia (Tom)
  • added a TERRITORY transfer event to handle the transfer of Timor to Japan if Portugal surrenders to the Axis and Japan has landed units in Timor (Rusty Gear, Bill R.)
  • adjusted the SURRENDER_1 events for UK transfers to Canada and Australia to exclude Quebec, Vancouver and Melbourne respectively (Tom)
  • adjusted Fighters to now have a SA=0 from SA=1 (Gunnar)
  • adjusted UK AI Garrison scripts for London (Gronq)
  • adjusted DE 105 to cost 300 MPP to prepare the port of Singapore (Armuss)
  • adjusted DE 508 and 509 to only trigger if Swedish mobilization is at the minimum Axis convoy transfer level which is 20% Axis (Xwormwood)
  • adjusted the BELLIGERENCE events so that Germany can now enter a China that has surrendered to Japan (Amadeus)
  • adjusted Japan to now have a max build of 5 Fighters from 6 (Gunnar)
  • adjusted DE 515 to no longer be linked to the Vichy France DE 502 as a prerequisite (Rusty Gear)
  • CONVOY scripts are now read in listed order and should be listed with MINOR->MAJOR convoys first followed by MAJOR->MAJOR convoys. MAJOR->MAJOR convoys should also be listed in logical order, i.e. USA->UK convoy followed by UK->USSR convoy for proper transfer amount calculations



  • fixed a right cl ick 'Sleep' error (Armuss)
  • fixed a Raider display error (Armuss)
  • fixed a Destroyer/Raider hunting error (Fintilgin)
  • fixed a Purchase Unit dialog selection error (Rannug)
  • fixed an MPPs chart date bug for campaigns with asynchronous turns (Bill M)
  • fixed a map supply display error (xwormwood)
  • fixed an adjacent port calculation error (xwormwood)
  • fixed an AI purchase unit error for when playing with Soft Builds
  • fixed AI transport movement errors where transports would not avoid newly detected enemy naval units (Robby1, Bo)
  • fixed an AI transport error regarding LOOP positions and disconnected COASTAL POSITIONS from embarkation points (Al, Bill M)
  • fixed a SURRENDER_2 event error regarding Persia (Yolo911)
  • fixed an Amphibious Transport unload/attack error that did not have the AI attack coastal units when applicable (Armuss)
  • fixed Carrier research level display positions so it is more in line with other unit level display positions, i.e. no longer skewed (Armuss)
  • fixed a DECISION display error for decision events with custom #IMAGE entries (Bill R.)
  • fixed a custom PBEM end of turn display error (Bill M.)
  • fixed a FREE UNIT error where free units were being created in enemy held territories (Bill M.)
  • fixed a Carrier attack values error for Mix mode (Amadeus)
  • fixed a Transport error where AI transports were unloading in ports with strength < 5 (Armuss)
  • fixed an air unit movement bug over Depression tiles (Skrivebordsgeneralen)
  • fixed a resource value calculation bug (Armuss)
  • fixed a UNIT script placement error that would place naval units in enemy held ports (xwormwood)
  • fixed a Transport unload error for active/surrendered minors that have inactive parents (Nupre mal)
  • fixed an Air Fleet intercept error for active minors that have inactive parents (Nupremal)
  • fixed a CONVOY MPP transfer error for countries that surrender and as a result the recipient receives full resource MPP income instead (Gunnar)
    • e.g. a surrendered DEI would normally send a convoy to Japan but it is currently Allied or liberated, in this case any resources currently held by Japanese forces should not be considered as MPP income for Japan and this is now the expected behaviour
  • fixed a SURRENDER_1 error that would not deactivate a country that has been replaced by #TRANSFER_ID (Alexandre, Gunnar)
    • i.e. when the French government moves to North Africa, Algeria was still considered for the various script conditions even though it no longer exists on the map
  • fixed a Special Forces Amphibious Transport error into enemy held ports (Catacol)
  • fixed a Sack HQ error when attempting to sack Minor HQs (xwormwood)
  • fixed several Port tile control issues for when countries surrender and when there are units adjacent a port with no enemy units nearby (Ludi)
  • fixed a unit purchase placement error for friendly nations that do not yet have a common belligerent (geofighter)
  • fixed a full screen PBEM exit error that would cause the game to crash on Windows 7 (realbilly)
  • optimized unit movement calculations for naval and some land unit types, overall turn speed improvement of 25%
  • optimized the Maps dialog improving the load and exit speeds considerably (Bill R.)
  • optimized map scrolling for much larger campaigns (Nupremal)
  • added a combat target values display at the top information bar for when the target cursor is set on an enemy unit/resource
  • unit morale bonuses due to national victories now capped at 150%
  • adjusted the minimum 1 ti le movement rule for units where it will now only be implemented if a unit literally cannot move
    • i.e. if it can move to a position that a friendly unit is currently occupying then the rule does not apply


  • fixed a Partisan reporting error (Armuss)
  • fixed a max unit experience setting bug
  • fixed the misspelling of Indomitable (Robby1)
  • fixed a Crete SUPPLY event error (Isnogud)
  • fixed a UK Army Carrier attack value error (Armuss)
  • fixed several terrain type errors that were showing as Tropical Hills when they should have been Marshes (Ottosmops)
  • fixed the DE 108 text to not imply that the US will seize the gold at Fort de France but rather simply intern it (Alexandre le grand)
  • fixed a German DoW error if the USSR is already at 100% mobilization (Emperor Elliot)
  • fixed the Allies Liberate Paris popup that occured when France had not previously surrendered
  • added a Video Acceleration option
  • added a Japanese report POPUP informing Japanese players of the reinforcements that will become available throughout 1941 in preparation for the war with the Allies (John DiFool)
  • added several new FLEET events to help Allied Destroyers (David)
  • added Japanese DE 604 SURRENDER event to fight on from Seoul (KvP)
  • added US DE 309 to drop atomic bombs on Japan
  • added UK DE 105 to mobilize Malaya and develop the port of Singapore as early as March 1940 (xwormwood)
  • added UK DE 112 to send UK naval reinforcements to the Pacific or keep them in the Atlantic
  • added UK DE 113 to send Australian and New Zealand reinforcements to Egypt or to have them arrive in their home countries instead (xwormwood)
  • added a check to see if there are no Allied land units in range of the port of Brest before the German DECISION event to enhance the naval base fires (David12345)
  • removed HMS Electra Destroyer from the UNIT scripts and placed it on the map to appear in British India at strength 3
  • removed III Indian Corps from the start map for Malaya
  • removed West Force Corps from the start map for Malaya
  • lowered the starting strength of East Force Corps in Malaya from 8 to 5
  • removed Venice from the alternate Capitals list for Italy
  • removed Tripoli as an Industrial Center for Italy
  • several User Manual corrections (U8led)
  • enabled the Mexican loop arrows for US units (Mabus77)
  • removed Seoul as an alternate capital for Japan (krrpt)
  • Graziani DECISION event will now only appear at the Intermediate AI level (krrpt)
  • Italian MVSN unit will now only appear at the Intermediate AI level
  • Italian surfac e raiders added to the applicable SUPPLY events (Armuss)
  • adjusted the Solomons to improve Allied AI landings there (David)
  • adjusted HQs for Turkey, Thailand, Romania, Dutch East Indies, and Argentina to a rating of 4 (Gronq)
  • adjusted UK Amphibious assault script for Iceland (David)
  • adjusted Northern Ireland so it can now be invaded without having to DoW Ireland (Snowstorm)
  • Amphibious Transports can now be set to de-entrench and de-moralize in the Editor
  • Amphibious Transports now set to de-entrenchment = 1 (Armuss)
  • BELLIGERENCE events can now be set for a surrendered #BELLIGERENCE_ID
    • i.e. Japan can now enter the war against the USSR and occupy Soviet territory even if the USSR has already surrendered to Germany if the applicable BELLIGERENCE event is set (Amadeus)
  • renamed the Partisan popup strings in SUPPLY events to 'Resistance' so as t o avoid confusion with actual PARTISAN events (Desechecs)
  • Japanese Home Guard will now only activate after 1943 (Gronq)
  • Swedish activation sprites corrected (Gronq)
  • removed the Caspian Sea ports (John DiFool)
  • fixed several unit LOOP errors within North America for Axis units (Noah, Rdent)
  • LOOP events can now have a #FRIENDLY_POSITION that is left unspecified or 'blank'
  • 1939 Alliance of Evil
    • fixed a UK surrender option bug (Preusse)
    • fixed the Soviet Seige message in Seoul (Mabus77)
    • removed the Urals Industry event for the USSR (brianlala)
    • removed two USSR mines for the USSR
    • disabled the Allies Liberate France POPUP event (Mabus77)
    • fixed several SUPPLY event errors (Armuss)
    • USSR now Declares War on China when in position to do so (Snowstorm)
    • Manchurian resistance events now only fi re when Manchuria is still surrendered to Japan (xwormwood)
    • Soviet annexation of Persia now only occurs when it surrenders to the Axis (xwormwood)

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