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OMGN Release Notes: 4.0.10

Gamer of Darqness; Jul. 2, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
OMGN's 4.0.10 code release has some goodies in it for our users

I figured my blog here on OMGN would be a good avenue to tell you all about minor code releases on the site. Things like the introduction of user blogs are big enough that we'll write up a proper announcement, but for smaller things like this release today, I'll just blog about it.

A lot of things were released today that impact our viewing public and users, mostly with our blogging system, so I'll get right to it!

Blog Post Preview

You've always been able to set a blog post to non-visible status so you can continue editing it before it's publicly viewable. Well, there was no way to preview that post before you published it. Not anymore. A non-visible post can be previewed if you're logged in to the account that has the post. That's easy!

Blog Post Slug Regeneration

Slugs are URL-friendly representations of a content's title. Here at OMGN, we use slugs for our articles and we extended that technology to blog posts. Before, a slug was generated just once for a blog post upon add. But if you changed your post title after adding it, the slug would stay the same. We've added a regeneration option to allow you to generate a new slug once your blog post has been added. We don't recommend regenerating the slug once you've published your post, however, because old links to the post will no longer be valid if the slug has changed!

Prior-Date Blog Post Alert

This is something we needed in the administration section here on the site once already, so we've developed it for ourselves and our blogging users. If you're changing a blog post from a non-visible state to being visible, our system will alert you if your display date is in the past, which is usually an undesirable thing. This can happen if you're working on a blog post one day and finish it the next - the display date will still be the day before! But our new alert will allow you to tackle the problem, if indeed it is a problem, before submitting the post for publishing.

Better User Details Page

We've enhanced our user details page (you can view mine here) to include more information about that particular user's interactions with OMGN.

User Avatars

That's right, we finally have a way for you to visually represent yourselves here at OMGN! In your user account panel you'll find an Edit Avatar link, which will let you change your avatar here on the site. Your avatar will appear on your blog, blog posts and next to any comments you leave on any content here on the site. It needs to be 1:1 aspect ratio, but otherwise we'll resize the avatar down to our 75x75px standard once you upload.

Facebook Username

We finally made a username for our Facebook page, OMGNdotcom!

Meta Descriptions

We've always had meta keywords on our pages to allow search engines to correctly catalog our content, but we didn't have meta descriptions going. Well, obviously, since I'm mention it we now have them on the site. This will also help us going forward.

Form Autofocuses

We've added autofocus to a number of the forms on the site, allowing you to quickly start filling out a form without clicking in the first element of the form. It's the nice little touches, you know?

Bugfixes, Other

We had a number of bugs fixed and other things done, should you be interested:

  • Entering images in your blog post will retain their URL
  • Various display fixes and enhancements
  • Background color added for selected display date in blog posts
  • Users added to site maps
  • Non-found image files fix (rare occurrence)
  • Abstracted HTTP calls with caching to external sites (for
  • Better Ajax script input filtering
  • OMGN Archive database URLs updated
  • Optimized database calls for extended content links
  • Administration HTTP error handling separated from main site
  • Tweaks to list ordering (articles list, games list, etc.)

That about wraps it up. Hope you enjoy the new features!

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