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Dragons Call Expansion Launch Date Announced

Gamer of Darqness; Jul. 13, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
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A press release in from Dragon's Call. Their expansion's launch date has been nailed down.

The Dragon's Call Expansion - Clash of Guilds, official launch date will be on Thursday, July 15th. Apparently, more details about this expansion will be unveiled. Here comes another interesting feature called Guild Quest: Continuously challenged by different high level monsters without healing would probably obstruct player's attacking power, however guild members could heal and assist you. Read on for more details.

Guild Quest

All players are able to accept a Guild Defense War quest from the Guild NPC every day. The quest requires players to destroy specific monsters, but they only have one chance to challenge. Rewards will be given out finally based on the number of stages they pass. In the course of the quest, players can neither restore HP by themselves nor use the HP Pack for auto-healing. They have to ask other guild members for help. Every guild member is allowed to heal others for 10 times every day.

The detailed process is as follows:

When players have reached level 30 and joined a guild, they can enter the guild interface and click the Quest button to accept the quest: Guild Defense War.

After accepting the quest, click the Guild Defense War to begin the quest and kill monsters.

When one monster is defeated, another will come up. Every time when players have killed one monster, they can click “Continue” to challenge the next one. As each monster will deal different attribute damage, players can choose a god to increase their defense after a battle ends.

The gods will bring different effects:

  • God of Fire: Reduces the monster’s fire damage by 20%.
  • God of Sea: Reduces the monster’s water damage by 20%.
  • God of Earth: Reduces the monster’s earth damage by 20%.
  • God of Storm: Reduces the monster’s wind damage by 20%.
  • The gods’ power is affected by guild buildings from 20% to 50%.

In the course of Guild Defense War, players cannot quit or die, otherwise they have to start over again. Fortunately, they can use Dragon Runes to revive and then continue fighting, as shown below:

The guild quest is designed with 10 stages. After passing all stages, the guild quest is done. Click the Quit button to return to the Guild NPC and talk to him to claim rewards. Players will get fewer rewards if they are failed halfway. The rewards include Exp, Popularity Points and Contribution Points which can be used to exchange for items in the guild warehouse.

During the Guild Defense War, players cannot use the HP Pack for auto-healing. They must ask other guild members to help heal them.

Players can be given aid by only one member for each battle and their HP will be restored by 20%-50%. The aid offered before a battle will take effect in the battle, but the aid offered during a battle will take effect in the next battle. Moreover, a guild member can only help other members for 10 times every day. The number of aid times will be reset every morning.

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