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OMGN Release Notes: 4.1.1

Gamer of Darqness; Aug. 1, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News

Got some release notes for our 4.1.1 release. This actually released on July 26th! I apologize for the delayed write-up.

User Messages Reorganization

When we released user messages with the new Forum, I wasn't totally happy with the directory structure we introduced. They were all lumped in the user/ directory even though they deserved their own subdirectory therein. That's been corrected and they are better organized now.

Smart Forum Redirection

When you post a reply to an existing thread in the Forum it would take you to the first page of the thread. The same goes with editing and deleting a post. You wouldn't have seen this yourselves because none of the publicly-accessible threads have hit our pagination threshold. Some of the threads in our admin section have, so this is ready for you for when your discussions get that big.

View Links in Admin

Just a nice tool for us, but now when we're editing site content in the admin section, we get links to show us what that content looks like. We previously only had a preview mode for non-visible content, but this is just a "duh!" that we should have had awhile back.

Forum User Login Check

The Forum can be viewed by anybody and posted in only if you're registered and logged in. Well, that note wasn't present on the Forum itself, so it's been added. I also cleaned up some of the user login checks for the Forum.

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