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Gamer of Darqness; Aug. 5, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
Session ping and Googe News!

Just a quick release here before Laura and I head on our vacation to Hawaii for a week!

Session Ping

Websites always have session timeouts for logins and OMGN is no exception. Unfortunately, as we've discovered in the administrative side of the site, you can work for so long on an article that your session will timeout before you hit submit. Then when you hit submit... All is lost.

We've rolled out a "session ping" feature that when editing content (on the user side, you'll only see this in adding or editing blog posts) you'll be keeping your login session alive. So fear not, you shouldn't have issues with long-term writing on the site anymore!

Google News

We submitted OMGN for inclusion in Google News a few days ago and now we're listed! Additionally, we've modified our XML site map for Google News to make it even easier to have our results listed. Hopefully this will help us drive more traffic and community members to the site.

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