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StarCraft II Pwnage

Gamer of Darqness; Aug. 28, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: Commentary
Random partner + me = pwnage

As my wife's been in law school the last 2 weeks, I've had a bit of time here and there to load up StarCraft II - when I'm not reading or studying for my MBA, anyway. For some reason I've settled on the Protoss as my primary race. I'm not really sure why, because in the original StarCraft I was primarily a Zerg player. It's a bit strange, anyway.

So I've been playing a lot of league matches, trying to play random and get some good teams together. I've got one coworker that I play with that is simply amazing with Terran, so I love playing on a team with him. My cousin also seems to be pretty kick-ass at the game too, however I have yet to play with him.

So today I decided to get my placement matches out of the way for 2v2 play, which is about my favorite kind of play in SCII. I've been doing a lot of 3v3 lately and realized I like the "intimacy" of the 2v2. If you get a good teammate, coordination is easier. In one game I was randomly paired up with someone who proved to be worth a damn. After the game I added him to my friends list and played another random 2v2.

Wouldn't you know it, I got matched against him. My team still won, despite his foresight what my tactic would be - he just saw it in the prior match. I'm not divulging my tactics here, so you can forget that! He said afterwards when I messaged him that he knew it was coming, but he had to assist his partner with something or other. His partner in that match was particularly bad.

In any case, we decided to team up and play some party matches, none of which we lost. I think we won 3 in a row, however it might have been fourth. Regardless, the last match we played was loads of fun.

My partner initially sent some scouting and an attack wave on to our enemies. Scouting is something I'm not terribly good at yet, so if I'm teamed up with someone that's good with scouting, I'm a happy man. Anyway, he sent an initial attack wave their way and was turned back pretty effectively. They then sent the remainder of their army our way. We defended it well, but unfortunately it tipped my hand as to my tactics. I immediately attacked them before they could augment their armies and defenses with appropriate countermeasures to my attack.

I did a decent amount of damage to one of their mining operations but ultimately lost my attack group as they had enough units to defend and a very small smattering of appropriate countermeasures. I then contemplated going the opposite direction in terms of strategy to counter them, but decided against it as my infrastructure was heavily weighted towards my current build.

My partner and I were able to expand at will while I sent a second attack their way to pester them some more. By now it was obvious they were deploying the appropriate countermeasures to my attack type as I got trounced. Thankfully, my partner was building the countermeasures to their army, so our now "balanced" attack should work effectively.

I held back from any future attacking and built up my army and research progress. I also setup proper defenses at my expansions and we had to handle a couple of random attacks by our opponents. Nothing too disabling. We were able to once or twice hit one of their expansions hard enough to do some real damage to their economies. We would attack different parts of the map in an effort to make sure we wouldn't face their full army before we made base damage.

We were able to control most of the map effectively and somehow kept them behind us in terms of expansions and economy. They eventually sent a strong-enough attack wave to one of my expansions to knock it out almost entirely, but by then the minerals had just run out and the vespene wasn't too far behind. No luck for them. Besides, I had built up an enormous amount of minerals. I was only really low on vespene.

After turning back the remainder of that attack I rebuilt my Nexus so I could gather the remaining vespene and we turned our attention back on them, having built up enough of a force that they'd have trouble with us. Oh, I should mention that thanks to my partner's active scouting, we had good visibility on the map and were able to thwart a couple of attacks and even destroy a budding expansion with no army support.

We knocked out the primary expansion for one of them and chewed through quite a bit of another one for the other opponent. By this point we could see that their economies were suffering. Once I'd rebuilt enough of an army at my base, we systematically went through the center of the map taking out patrolling units and making sure we weren't missing expansions. We battled a few times back and forth and I'm sure our opponents thought they were in an alright spot because they hadn't seen our full army.

Well, we brought our full army upon their primary base finally, and it wasn't pretty. The game was a bit of a slog, but we absolutely pwned that game. I have the replay available if anybody wants to view it. I hope you enjoyed reading this recap, haha.

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