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Picaroon Press Release

Gamer of Darqness; Oct. 19, 2010; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News

Picaroon's official press release went out for its beta. I'm currently checking the game for beta impressions.

Cambridge, England - Nice Technology proudly announced that their newfree-to-play massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game, Picaroon, hasentered beta after just a year's worth of development by their small six-manCambridge-based team. Having spent the summer in alpha, all the plannedmajor features for a Winter 2010 release have been completed alongside someadditional-unscheduled-goodies.

Picaroon is a futuristic pirates game where empires battle across thehigh-seas for control of the remaining land that pokes above a mercilessocean. Sessions last from a week to a few months depending on configurationand each session can support hundreds of players. Picaroon has a uniqueend-game phase where players are awarded otherwise unobtainable units suchas submarines and super-ships depending on who has tributed the mostresources to the world's leaders.

Game-play has been enhanced with specials. These cards give players extraoffensive and defensive powers including the abilities to make volcanoeserupt, build ships at quadruple construction speeds and cause nuclearexplosions. Specials can be purchased in-game using gold raised by taxingsettlers. In-game packs come in various flavours and have a random selectionof specials. Players can also buy themed packs of specials using NiceTechnology's secure micro-transaction system to provide more control over apack's contents - the weekend away pack, for example, contains specials toenhance protection and defence of several islands for 72 hours.

Picaroon's beta affords Nice Technology the opportunity to gather feedbackfrom even more players as the game is refined prior to release. Beta keyswill be available on their blog at and alsogiven to their alpha group for distribution to friends and to those thatsigned up to be part of the beta over the summer. Picaroon is a small 50MBdownload and is compatible with any PC running XP, Vista or Windows 7 thathas a half-reasonable graphics card and a half a GB of RAM.


ABOUT: Nice Technology develops and self publishes multiplayer online gamesand virtual worlds using its proprietary technology, AliceServer. Thedevelopment teams first game Time of Defiance was released to the publicback in the summer of 2002. Since then Nice Technology has produced achildren's game for the BBC based on a popular TV show called Tronji. Thestudio is currently working on a new online RTS game called Picaroon whichis due for release Winter 2010.


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Tronji World
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