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OMGN Release Notes: 4.2.4

Gamer of Darqness; Jan. 9, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
Link up your gaming networks in your details - starting now!

It's been awhile since we've had any releases here at OMGN. We've been focusing mostly on content generation and actual operations, as opposed to website development. Today I decided to get back into the swing of things in terms of developing for the site.

Additional List Abilities

You've always been able to view a list of articles by type (News, etc) as well as games and resources. We've finally added the ability to view lists while filtering by a specific data field. The platforms and genres for games are now clickable links, so you can view lists of games by a particular genre (i.e. Shooter) or platform (i.e. Windows). You can also now view resources by category and articles by their subtypes (i.e. Press Releases, a subtype of News).

URL Redirect Support

We've been using for shrinking our URLs for use in places like Twitter. We've deployed the ability to do this locally on OMGN. Expect to see links coming from hereon out. That is, if you didn't find this blog post using one of our new redirect links.

Gaming Network Details

We've had a few requests for this feature, so here it is! You can now add details for your Xbox Live, PSN, Wii Friend Code and Steam accounts in your user details here on the site. This should make it easier for people to find your accounts on those networks from OMGN.

Game->Game Associations

We finally have the ability to associate two games together. This means we can now associate things like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with its Vietnam expansion (which we've done). This should make it easier for you to find associated content among the games we have listed here.

Time Cap For "Recent" Changes

Some of our "recent" lists of content on the site weren't capped going back in time. Something that is over 4 months old could appear in one of those lists. We've capped these lists at 30 days so recent is no longer a misnomer.

Go to Latest Post

Forum threads now have a link to go to the most recent post. This way you find find the end of the conversation immediately without having to search.


As always we've had a few bugfixes around the site. I wouldn't worry about these. Nothing big.

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