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OMGN Release Notes: 4.2.5

Gamer of Darqness; Jan. 21, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
What have I been up to this time?

It's nice having some time to come back around to getting some developmental work done on OMGN. Why wait? Here's what just let loose!

Jump to Comments

We've added a new link on articles and blog posts that'll take you straight to the comments. So if you're one of the people commenting on our Target Welches on $40 PS3 or PS3: The Root of the Problem articles, you can jump to the comments to quickly see responses.

Increased Forum Signature Size

We've increased the Forum signature size to 600 characters, up from 400. Hurray!

Ask For Registration

What is this? You'll eventually see it. Almost guaranteed. It's a secret until then though!

Blog Enabling System

Occasionally we get some users that sign up for the site and immediately post an advertising blog post. The most effective way for us to combat that is to have some sort of moderation on blogs. Rather than moderate each and every blog post, we decided to implement a blog enabling system. All new users start without the ability to blog. However when a new user adds a blog post, we'll be made aware of it and can verify it. When we do verify it, if it looks good then we'll enable blogging for that user. At that point, the user and make their posts visible.

Forum Post Delay

We've implemented a feature found on many forums online - a forced delay between posts. You'll have to wait 15 seconds between posts on the Forum. This is mostly just to help keep double postings from happening, but it's also a small-scale way to help combat spam.

Inaccessible Content Dropped From Aggregates

We had a few straggler aggregation functions on the site that still allowed inaccessible (blocked, deleted, not-yet-visible) content to appear in their aggregations. Things like counts of blog posts, the most recent Forum post, etc. This has been corrected.

Commenting, Bugfixes & More

We've also pushed out a few display and internal commenting bugfixes. We also made some administrative functionality changes to put things in their proper places and to make things more accessible even to us admins.

That's about it for this go-round. Have a good one!

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