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OMGN Release Notes: 4.2.6

Gamer of Darqness; Jan. 30, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
Javascript upgrades galore

Alrighty folks! We had a pretty big-sized release just now, and here are the details about it. Lots of Javascript upgrades and enhancements.

Review score added to RSS

Up until now, the score on any review wasn't included in our RSS feed. This has been fixed.

"Final Deletion" fix

We have an Ajaxy way of deleting content on OMGN. There's a link, you click it, it asks if you really want to, you confirm, then it deletes it and removes the row from the table without reloading the page. Unfortunately, the system didn't deal with the only item in the table being deleted any differently from when there are multiple items in the table. This led to the table header being visible with no items. This has been corrected and will now show an "empty" message.

Javascript correctness and documentation fixes

We've fixed some documentation problems in our Javascript code. Additionally, we've made some correctness changes, which should hopefully continue to make sure our scripts work across all browsers and operating systems.

Sublists added to full and XML site maps

We added the ability to list content by a sublist (such as listing games by a particular platform). These sublists weren't available in our full and XML site maps. Now they are.

Blog post type identifier added

You've always been able to specify the type of blog post, but we were never displaying this on the post when people read it. Fixed!

Overlay display upgrade and code consolidation

If you haven't noticed yet, we've upgraded our overlay display somewhat (it's still not as pretty as we want it to be) and consolidated some of the code. This should perform and look (slightly) better.

Javascript alerts and confirms replaced with overlays

Using our refreshed overlay system, we've replaced all Javascript alerts and confirms with overlays. This makes website consistency and continuity better, and it also removes the irritations of alerts and confirms holding the browser focus hostage.

Javascript onFailure fixes

We've corrected a few issues with error handling in Ajax functions.

Javascript Ajax processing and fades

We've had a decent number of Ajax operations on the site but there was never any indication that an Ajax request was processing. No more! We've added a nice processing image that will hang around with your mouse during Ajax processing, and we've setup fade transitions for the "activating item" to show what was performed.

Ability to search owned yet invisible items

Recently we opened up our site search so that admins and moderators could view blocked or invisible content in search results. We've now opened this up so that users will get results for their own invisible content. So if you have a blog post not yet published and you perform a search that matches your post, it will appear in your search results (but not any other user, save for admins and moderators).

Switched appropriate Forum functions to Ajax

We have several functions in the Forum that were one-click links to perform a specific action - blocking a post, deleting a post, etc. We've converted all of these to Ajax so there will no longer be a page reload necessary.

Fixed authentication message mismatches

Our system checks authentication on every page load to ensure the user has the access rights to view whatever it is they are requesting to view. Some pages had an inconsistency with the check being performed and the error message that would be returned. This has been corrected.

So lots of things in this release folks! I nearly made it OMGN 4.3, but not quite. We'll have 4.3 in the future though, as we're starting to accumulate quite a lot of changes and enhancements from when 4.2 was released. We're hoping to get comment edit/block/deletes going soon, just like Forum posts. Enjoy!

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