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OMGN Release Notes: to 4.3.1

Gamer of Darqness; May. 15, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: News
Even more website performance!

It's that time again - time for an update on OMGN's code releases!

Memcached-Enabled Sessions & Database Queries

This one's nice. It's another performance enhancement like the round of enhancements we made leading up to 4.3.0. Instead of being image optimization and other things to allow your browser to download things quicker, it's on the server-side. Basically we've enabled an in-memory session management system so that our server doesn't have to repeatedly go to the filesystem to track your login on the site.

Additionally, we've enabled this system for specific database tables and queries. We have several database tables, as nearly every other database-driven application does, that are small reference tables with data that rarely changes. By caching this data in memcached, we get a performance boost and also alleviate our database's load.

We've been planning on adding optimization such as this to OMGN for some time, but today was the final catalyst to prompt us to get this done. We usually do well on traffic to articles when they publish, be it Google News, N4G or other common link sources. However, our article Rumored: Nintendo's Project Cafe's Leaked Game List got linked over at 4chan and Stumbleupon, which caused a very large spike in website traffic for a couple hours. The server didn't crash, although it may have been slow at the time. Implementing memcached should help server performance stay high during traffic spikes such as today's, as well as helping with general website browsing.

Automatic OMGN Local "Linkification"

In our Star Wars: The Old Republic preview, Ed Kaczynski hopped in the comments to link to his article since he had a differing viewpoint. While we don't allow HTML in our comments and user messages, OMGN links could be passed back and forth. Thus we decided to automatically "linkify" any of those links local to OMGN. Just like in the aforementioned article.

Redirect URLs Capped At 5 Characters

We have a local redirection service here on the site. You may have seen it used on Twitter. The URLs start with Some of the links we've generated had longer URLs than you'd expect to see on redirection services. We shortened this cap to 5 characters, so we can get more into our Twitter messages.

Display Improvements

We've made various display improvements to the site. Added padding where needed, changed some text alignment, etc. You likely won't notice most of these, but if you do, we hope they make the site look better for you.

Bugfixes & Misc.

Again, we've had our share of bugfixes, including:

  • Full site map to include Admin and Moderator content for admins and moderators when logged in
  • Mobile search wasn't working
  • Admin and Moderator forum content could be returned in the list on non-admin or moderator logins (but not viewable once the link was clicked)
  • The reviews list has been fixed to include the pagination links again
  • A few more improper URL extensions are now supported
  • Google News data will not be included in sitemap XML data for any other domain than the main domain
  • Fix for previewing an article

Hope these improvements help you to enjoy your OMGN browsing experience!

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