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Gamer of Darqness; May. 19, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
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Liveblogging and APC!

If you've read my most recent blog post, you'll know that I was putzing around with getting APC (a bytecode cache for PHP) running on the server. Well, here's some release notes to whet your appetite and get into the whole APC thing a bit more.

Liveblogging Support

With E3 2011 right around the corner and four of us here at OMGN attending, we're going to need to be able to give you press events quickly. Enter Liveblogging! Similar to what Engadget does, when we're Liveblogging you'll be able to set your article refresh rate at intervals of 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds (or disable the refresh completely).

We're definitely bringing you Microsoft's press conference in this manner. We'll let you know if we'll have others.


Despite the problems we were having earlier in the week in getting APC running, we're on APC now! We've discovered that APC does not work well on a server environment like ours - multiple websites on a single server. However, we've enabled it only for OMGN's (minus the archive domain). This means OMGN will see even more enhanced speed under normal and increased loads!

Memcached Split

We were originally running Memcached sessions and database on the same Memcached instance. We realized if we needed to clear the database Memcached data to allow for new values (such as Liveblogging) that we'd wipe out user sessions too. This has been corrected with a second Memcached instance being started.

Google News Fix

Our XML site map originally had Google News data in it in the non-www domain of the site. This is not the domain that we are listed on with Google News. This has been fixed.

That's it for the site release wrap! But... Something's coming...

Memory Upgrade Coming

This is something I figured I'd alert people to right now, as opposed to the site being inaccessible when it actually happens. The server OMGN resides on will be getting a nice fat memory upgrade sometime in the near future, before E3 2011. I'm not 100% sure of the timing of it, but it should be soon. We may make an official announcement here on the site before it happens, but I'm not sure there either. But the memory upgrade is coming, to help us cope with the increased resident memory usage with the likes of Memcached and APC. We're also making sure we've got as much muscle as we can get for E3 2011, within reason.

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rfludwick - May. 23, 2011 at 4:38:10pm

Well... Scatch APC. Again. It locked up just now. At this point, I don't know what the problem is. I'll continue to try to find solutions online.

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