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Gamer of Darqness; Jul. 10, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
Type: Thoughts
Wow, I haven't been keeping everybody up-to-date on releases

Apparently I haven't been keeping everybody up-to-date on OMGN releases. It's been awhile since my last update here, which I made back in May! I'll try to keep these in chronological order from oldest to newest.

Google +1 Added

Google released its +1 button ahead of Google Plus' release. We decided to be an early-adopter of the +1 button here at OMGN, allowing you to upvote our content. This allows Google to know that our content means something, as well as now allowing you to share it in Google Plus. Give us a hand if you like what you're reading!

Full Sitemap Cache

We've implemented a 30-minute cache of our full site map, thus making it so it only needs to be generated once if it hasn't been generated in the prior 30 minutes. It takes a bit of horsepower to generate that page, so caching it helps our website performance.

Media Capabilities in Admin

We've had to manually alter our articles' HTML in order to embed YouTube and other types of media. We've added support in admin to handle this better. This just means it's easier to get this kind of content to you, and also with fewer errors.

Tons of Helper Functions

I took quite a bit of time when prepping site version 4.3.5 to build out helper functions, making it easier to generate article links, blog links, full names, etc. As a result of these convenience functions, it was a lot easier to add things like the "Preview" text you should now see in the site if you've got an unpublished blog post. Your unpublished blog posts will now show up in the website to only you when you are logged in (well, site admins as well), and it will carry preview text as well. This allows you to see how the link will appear in lists, etc.

Additionally, we have extended this Preview text throughout the site for admins and forum moderators as well. Preview games, resources and articles will show up for us in the same manner and admin or moderator forums will carry similar text. It's the little things that help make life easier for all of us, readers and admins alike.

Alternate Hosts

This is something I thought would be interesting to include, if you're interested to hear. I develop OMGN locally and test locally. When everything's ready to go Live, I push it out. But if I want to compare a page locally to Live, I had to copy-paste and alter the URL into a new browser tab. Not anymore. I built a nice convenience that allows me to easily switch between hosts (local or Live). I thought it was kinda cool.

Cross Domain XML

There's a cross domain XML specification that Adobe has published, allowing website operators to specify what other hosts out on the web can access their content. We didn't have, but now we do. Mostly I build it so we wouldn't get non-hits on a non-existent file, but also just in case other website operators want to use it.

Facebook Login Support

In case you haven't noticed yet, we support Facebook logins on OMGN now! This was a little fun to put together. I plan on extending this to at least Twitter in the near future, and probably Google too.


We had a whole host of other bugfixes and internal improvements to the site during the last month and a half. I'd rather not get into them at this point, but rest assured that they were good ones!

I hope this has enlightened you as far as the goings-on regarding OMGN code. It's still fun for me to put these together.

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