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Gamer of Darqness; Aug. 7, 2011; By Robert F. Ludwick
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Movies are the big addition this time around

Well folks, chances are you're here thanks to the announcement that we've expanded coverage to movies as well. I'm here to tell you about all of the awesomeness that has happened here at OMGN since my last update. That puts us starting at release!


Alright, obviously the big addition to the site right now are movies. They have the same status as games here, where we can add movie stills just like game screenshots. We can review them and cover them just like video games. There are a lot of things that adding movies coverage to the site has caused to happen, so I'll outline all of those changes with italics. I should cover all of these changes separately.


The addition of another content type's coverage on OMGN necessitated adding the concept of Channels. We can categorize articles in the Video Games and Movies channels now (and there's an OMGN channel too, for Announcements). Channels allow us to show you what industry the article relates to, as well as offering you a link to view, say, all News that fall under the Movies channel. We're planning on adding more and easier ways to view content from your channel of choice.

New RSS Feeds

We've added two new RSS feeds that act exactly like the two channels act: Video Games and Movies. I'm expecting to lose subscriptions to our main feed and gain some on the Video Games Channel feed.

Site Name Change

Yes, we've changed the name of the website to Online Movies & Games Network to match our full coverage. And once again, our acronym finally makes sense again! Oh, and we've also changed a lot of keywords, descriptions and other copy around the site to reflect our two-industry coverage now.

Game Companies -> Media Companies

With the ability to link movies to companies (like we link games to Developers and Publishers), we needed to abstract out game companies to media companies. Not that you ever really saw this much on the site, save for companies linked in articles.

Facebook & Twitter Login Enhancements

We've had Facebook login support for awhile now, and we've had a couple bugs crop up here and there in the past. We believe we've patched those bugs up while adding support to link your Facebook account to your existing OMGN account (rather than having to create a whole new account).

Not only this, but we've also extended the ability to link your Twitter account on over to your existing OMGN account. If you've done that then you can also use Twitter to login, just like Facebook! The reason that logging in with Twitter won't work unless you pre-link to your account is because Twitter doesn't offer the ability to gather users' email addresses in their API - and we require email addresses for user accounts here, even ones created via a social network.

Ajax Login

What else would our recent releases be without a nice Ajax login to go with our extended Facebook and Twitter support. Clicking on most any login link here on the site will result in a new Ajax overlay, allowing you to login without navigating away from the page you're on. It'll simply reload when the login procedure is done. Finally!

Unfortunately, due to limitations in screen size as well as some Javascript issues, Ajax logins are disabled for Mobile.

Google+ UID in User Details

Some of us like to put our social networking contact information in our user details. Well, said users can now enter their Google+ UID into their user details. I already have.

Disabled Sending User Messages on Mobile

Due to the limitations I mentioned in the Ajax Login section, we've also disabled sending user messages on Mobile. Sorry!

Recent Searches

Just a quick note here, but you'll get to see twice as many recent searches when you search for things on OMGN, and we've also stopped returning duplicates!

Escape - No More Overlay!

If you hit the Escape key on your keyboard while you have an overlay window open (like the new Ajax login, for example) then the overlay will close. Spiffy!

Password Check Fix

We had an issue with our password check for user logins. The issue's been fixed, but there's a likelihood that you'll have to use our password recovery tool in order to be able to login again. Sorry about that. This fix was big enough and had enough of a side effect to warrant telling you about it separate to all of the other bugfixes.

Maintenance Override Capability

If you happened to be visiting OMGN during the five-minute window where we were in maintenance mode, then you will have noticed that we now actually have a maintenance mode! Up until today's release for movies support, we've never had to put OMGN into a temporarily unusable state during any release. Sadly, today's release necessitated the ability to do that during the release. A prior release to today included the functionality to put the site into maintenance mode and we used it today for about five minutes. Hope you didn't see it, just the same!

Bugfixes, Etc.

We had a few bugfixes, text fixes and other things recently. Here are a few:

  • Fixed Google +1 showing up in Mobile
  • Fixed the Contact Us page link in the Ajax error overlay
  • Fixed the Full Site Map returning the Standard website view when attempted to view in Mobile

That's it for this round. It's a lot to digest and all sorts of fun for us here at OMGN. I hope you enjoy some of the social network integrations, as well as the new movies coverage!

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